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Culver City Unified School District in California

9 Schools in the district of CULVER CITY UNIFIED in California
 # School Name
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1Culver City High4401 Elenda StCulver CityRegularNoNo
2Culver City Independent Study5303 Berryman AveCulver CityOther - No
3Culver City Middle4601 Elenda StCulver CityRegularNoNo
4Culver Park High5303 Berryman AveCulver CityOtherNoNo
5El Marino Elementary11450 Port RdCulver CityRegularNoNo
6El Rincon Elementary11177 Overland AveCulver CityRegularNoNo
7Farragut Elementary10820 Farragut DrCulver CityRegularNoNo
8La Ballona Elementary10915 Washington BlvdCulver CityRegularNoNo
9Linwood E. Howe Elementary4100 Irving PlaceCulver CityRegularNoNo

Culver City Unified School District
2010 Demographics
Total Population39,062
White alone23,546
Black or African American alone3,727
American Indian and Alaska Native alone191
Asian alone5,767
Hispanic or Latino9,054
Housing Units

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