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in California

15 Schools in District El Rancho Unified
 # School Name
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1Birney Tech Academy8501 Orange Ave.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
2Durfee Elementary4220 S. Durfee Ave.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
3Early Learning Program9515 Haney St.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNoM - M
4El Rancho High6501 S. Passons Blvd.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNo09 - 12
5Ellen Ochoa Prep Academy8110 Paramount Blvd.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNo09 - 12
6Magee Academy Of Arts & Sciences8200 Serapis Ave.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
7North Park Academy Of The Arts4450 S. Durfee Ave.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNo06 - 08
8North Ranchito Elementary8837 E. Olympic Blvd.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
9Rio Vista Elementary8809 Coffman-pico Rd.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
10Rivera Elementary7250 Citronell St.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
11Rivera Middle7200 Citronell Ave.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNo06 - 08
12Ruben Salazar Continuation9115 Balfour St.Pico RiveraCa90660Alternative SchoolNo09 - 12
13South Ranchito Dual Language Academy5241 S. Passons Blvd.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
14Steam Academy @ Burke8101 Orange Ave.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNo06 - 08
15Valencia Academy Of The Arts9241 E. Cosgrove St.Pico RiveraCa90660Regular SchoolNoKG - 05

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