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in California

11 Schools in District Hawthorne
 # School Name
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1Bud Carson Middle13838 S. Yukon Ave.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNo06 - 08
2Eucalyptus12044 S. Eucalyptus Ave.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
3Hawthorne Math And Science Academy4467 W. Brd.wayHawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolYes09 - 12
4Hawthorne Middle4366 W. 129th St.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNo06 - 08
5Jefferson4091 W. 139th St.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
6Kornblum3620 W. El Segundo Blvd.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
7Prairie Vista Middle13600 S. Prairie Ave.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNo06 - 08
8Ramona4617 W. 136th St.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
9Washington4339 W. 129th St.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
10York11838 S. York Ave.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
11Zela Davis13435 S. Yukon Ave.HawthorneCa90250Regular SchoolNoKG - 05

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