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in California

26 Schools in District Inglewood Unified
 # School Name
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1Animo Inglewood Charter High3425 W. Manchester Blvd.InglewoodCa90305Regular SchoolYes09 - 12
2Bennett/kew Elementary11710 S. Cherry Ave.InglewoodCa90303Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
3Beulah Payne Elementary215 W. 94th St.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolNoKG - 06
4Centinela Elementary1123 Marlborough Ave.InglewoodCa90302Regular SchoolNoKG - 06
5Children Of Promise Preparatory Academy3130 W. 111th Pl.InglewoodCa90303Regular SchoolYesKG - 06
6City Honors College Preparatory Academy120 W. Regent St.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolNo09 - 12
7Clyde Woodworth Elementary3200 W. 104th St.InglewoodCa90303Regular SchoolNoKG - 05
8Crozier (george W.) Middle1210 W. Regent St.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolNo07 - 08
9Frank D. Parent School5354 W. 64th St.InglewoodCa90302Regular SchoolNoKG - 08
10Grace Hopper Stem Academy601 Grace Ave.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolYes06 - 08
11Highland Elementary430 Venice WayInglewoodCa90302Regular SchoolNoKG - 06
12Hudnall (claude) Elementary331 W. Olive St.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolNoKG - 06
13Icef Inglewood Elementary Charter Academy434 S. Grevillea Ave.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolYesKG - 05
14Icef Inglewood Middle Charter Academy304 E. Spruce St.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolYes06 - 08
15Inglewood Continuation High441 W. Hillcrest Blvd.InglewoodCa90301Alternative SchoolNo09 - 12
16Inglewood High231 S. Grevillea Ave.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolNo09 - 12
17Kelso (william H.) Elementary809 E. Kelso St.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolNoKG - 06
18La Tijera K-8 Charter School Academy Of Excellence1415 N. La Tijera Blvd.InglewoodCa90302Regular SchoolYesKG - 08
19Monroe (albert F.) Magnet Middle School10711 10th Ave.InglewoodCa90303Regular SchoolNo06 - 08
20Morningside High School10500 S. Yukon Ave.InglewoodCa90303Regular SchoolNo09 - 12
21Oak Street Elementary633 S. Oak St.InglewoodCa90301Regular SchoolNoKG - 06
22Today's Fresh Start Charter School Inglewood3405 W. Imperial Hwy.InglewoodCa90303Regular SchoolYesKG - 06
23Warren Lane Elementary2602 W. 79th St.InglewoodCa90305Regular SchoolNoKG - 06
24Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter830 N. La Brea Ave.InglewoodCa90302Regular SchoolYesKG - 05
25Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter Middle830 N. La Brea Ave.InglewoodCa90302Regular SchoolYes06 - 08
26Worthington Elementary11101 S. Yukon Ave.InglewoodCa90303Regular SchoolNoKG - 05

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