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Lawndale Elementary School District in California

10 Schools in the district of LAWNDALE ELEMENTARY in California
 # School Name
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1Billy Mitchell Elementary14429 Condon AveLawndaleRegularNoNo
2Environmental Charter High16315 Grevillea AveLawndaleRegularNoYes
3F. D. Roosevelt Elementary3533 West Marine BlvdLawndaleRegularNoNo
4Jane Addams Middle4535 West 153rd PlaceLawndaleRegularNoNo
5Kit Carson Elementary3530 West 147th StHawthorneRegularNoNo
6Lucille J. Smith Elementary4521 West 147th StLawndaleRegularNoNo
7Mark Twain Elementary3728 West 154th StLawndaleRegularNoNo
8Will Rogers Middle4110 West 154th StLawndaleRegularNoNo
9William Anderson Elementary4130 West 154th StLawndaleRegularNoNo
10William Green Elementary4520 West 168th StLawndaleRegularNoNo

Lawndale Elementary School District
2010 Demographics
Total Population48,139
White alone20,853
Black or African American alone5,558
American Indian and Alaska Native alone377
Asian alone5,349
Hispanic or Latino27,244
Housing Units

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