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Long Beach Unified School District in California

92 Schools in the district of LONG BEACH UNIFIED in California
 # School Name
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1Addams Elementary5320 Pine AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
2Alvarado (juan Bautista) Elementary1900 East 21st StSignal HillRegularNoNo
3Avalon K-12200 Falls Canyon RdSanta CatalinaRegularNoNo
4Bancroft Middle5301 East Centralia StLong BeachRegularYesNo
5Barton Elementary1100 East Del Amo BlvdLong BeachRegularNoNo
6Birney Elementary710 West Spring StLong BeachRegularNoNo
7Bixby Elementary5251 East Stearns StLong BeachRegularNoNo
8Bryant Elementary4101 East Fountain StLong BeachRegularNoNo
9Buffum Elementary2350 Ximeno AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
10Burbank Elementary501 Junipero AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
11Burcham5610 East Monlaco RdLong BeachRegularNoNo
12Burnett Elementary565 East Hill StLong BeachRegularNoNo
13Burroughs Elementary1260 East 33rd StSignal HillRegularNoNo
14Butler (mary)1400 East 20th StLong BeachRegularNoNo
15Cabrillo (juan Rodriguez) High2001 Santa Fe AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
16California Academy Of Mathematics And Science1000 East Victoria StCarsonRegularYesNo
17Carver Elementary5335 East Pavo StLong BeachRegularNoNo
18Chavez (cesar) Elementary730 West Third StLong BeachRegularNoNo
19Cleveland Elementary4760 Hackett AveLakewoodRegularNoNo
20Colegio New City1637 Long Beach BlvdLong BeachRegularNoYes
21Constellation Community Charter Middle620 Olive AveLong BeachRegularNoYes
22Cubberley3200 Monogram AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
23Demille Middle7025 East Parkcrest StLong BeachRegular - No
24Dooley Elementary5075 Long Beach BlvdLong BeachRegularYesNo
25Edison Elementary625 Maine AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
26Educational Partnership High4344 Atlantic AveLong BeachOtherNoNo
27Emerson Parkside Academy Charter2625 Josie AveLong BeachRegularNoYes
28Focus Community Day (elementary)2221 Argonne AveLong BeachOtherNoNo
29Franklin Classical Middle540 Cerritos AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
30Fremont Elementary4000 East Fourth StLong BeachRegularNoNo
31Gant Elementary1854 Britton DrLong BeachRegularYesNo
32Garfield Elementary2240 Baltic AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
33Gompers K-85206 Briercrest AveLakewoodRegularNoNo
34Grant Elementary1225 East 64th StLong BeachRegularNoNo
35Hamilton Middle1060 East 70th StLong BeachRegularNoNo
36Harte Elementary1671 East Phillips StLong BeachRegularNoNo
37Henry Elementary3720 Canehill AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
38Hill Middle1100 Iroquois AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
39Holmes Elementary5020 Barlin AveLakewoodRegularNoNo
40Hoover Middle3501 Country Club DrLakewoodRegularNoNo
41Hudson2335 Webster AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
42Hughes Middle3846 California AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
43International Elementary700 Locust AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
44Jefferson Leadership Academies750 Euclid AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
45Jordan High6500 Atlantic AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
46Keller Elementary7020 East Brittain StLong BeachRegularNoNo
47Kettering Elementary550 Silvera AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
48King Elementary145 East Artesia BlvdLong BeachRegularNoNo
49Lafayette Elementary2445 Chestnut AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
50Lakewood High4400 Briercrest AveLakewoodRegularNoNo
51Lee Elementary1620 Temple AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
52Lincoln Elementary1175 East 11th StLong BeachRegularNoNo
53Lindbergh Middle1022 East Market StLong BeachRegularNoNo
54Lindsey (perry) Academy5075 Daisy AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
55Longfellow Elementary3800 Olive AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
56Los Cerritos Elementary515 West San Antonio DrLong BeachRegularNoNo
57Lowell Elementary5201 East BroadwayLong BeachRegularNoNo
58Macarthur Elementary6011 Centralia StLakewoodRegularNoNo
59Madison Elementary2801 Bomberry StLakewoodRegularNoNo
60Mann Elementary257 Coronado AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
61Marshall Academy Of The Arts5870 East Wardlow RdLong BeachRegularNoNo
62Mckinley Elementary6822 Paramount BlvdLong BeachRegularNoNo
63Millikan Senior High2800 Snowden AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
64Monroe4400 Ladoga AveLakewoodRegularNoNo
65Muir Elementary3038 Delta AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
66Naples Elementary5537 The ToledoLong BeachRegularNoNo
67New City1230 Pine AveLong BeachRegularNoYes
68Newcomb Academy3351 Val Verde AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
69Polytechnic High1600 Atlantic AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
70Powell (colin L.) Academy For Success150 Victoria StLong BeachRegularNoNo
71Prisk Elementary2375 Fanwood AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
72Reid Senior High2153 West Hill StLong BeachOtherNoNo
73Renaissance Hs For The Arts235 East Eighth StLong BeachOtherYesNo
74Riley Elementary3319 Sandwood StLakewoodRegularYesNo
75Robinson (jackie)2750 Pine AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
76Rogers Middle365 Monrovia AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
77Roosevelt Elementary1574 Linden AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
78Rosie The Riveter Charter High3655 South Grand AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
79Select Community Day (secondary)5075 Daisy AveLong BeachOtherNoNo
80Signal Hill Elementary2285 Walnut AveSignal HillRegularNoNo
81Stanford Middle5871 East Los Arcos StLong BeachRegularNoNo
82Stephens Middle1830 West Columbia StLong BeachRegularNoNo
83Stevenson Elementary515 Lime AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
84Tincher1701 Petaluma AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
85Tucker Elementary2221 Argonne AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
86Twain Elementary5021 East Centralia StLong BeachRegularNoNo
87Two Harbors Elementary1 School House RdTwo HarborsRegularNoNo
88Washington Middle1450 Cedar AveLong BeachRegularYesNo
89Webster Elementary1755 West 32nd WayLong BeachRegularNoNo
90Whittier Elementary1761 Walnut AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
91Willard Elementary1055 Freeman AveLong BeachRegularNoNo
92Wilson High4400 East Tenth StLong BeachRegularYesNo

Long Beach Unified School District
2010 Demographics
Total Population510,940
White alone244,357
Black or African American alone64,637
American Indian and Alaska Native alone3,803
Asian alone65,758
Hispanic or Latino202,665
Housing Units

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