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Los Angeles Unified School District in California

932 Schools in the district of LOS ANGELES UNIFIED in California
 # School Name
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1Abraham Lincoln Senior High3501 North BroadwayLos AngelesRegularNoNo
2Academia Moderna2410 BroadwayWalnut ParkRegularNoYes
3Academia Semillas Del Pueblo4736 Huntington DrLos AngelesRegularNoYes
4Academic Leadership Community322 Lucas AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
5Academic Performance Excellence Academy1309 North Wilton PlaceHollywoodRegularNoNo
6Academy Of Environmental & Social Policy (esp) At3921 Selig PlaceLos AngelesRegular - No
7Academy Of Medical & Health Sciences At Roosevelt456 South Mathews StLos AngelesRegular - No
8Accelerated4000 South Main StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
9Accelerated Elementary Charter119 East 37th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
10Aggeler Community Day21050 Plummer StChatsworthOther - No
11Alain Leroy Locke High325 East 111th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
12Albert Einstein Continuation15938 Tupper StNorth HillsOther - No
13Albion Street Elementary322 South Ave 18Los AngelesRegularNoNo
14Aldama Elementary632 North Ave 50Los AngelesRegularNoNo
15Alexander Fleming Middle25425 Walnut StLomitaRegularNoNo
16Alexander Hamilton Senior High2955 Robertson BlvdLos AngelesRegularYesNo
17Alexandria Avenue Elementary4211 Oakwood AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
18Alfred Bernhard Nobel Middle9950 Tampa AveNorthridgeRegularNoNo
19Allesandro Elementary2210 Riverside DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
20Alphonso B. Perez Special Education Center4540 Michigan AveLos AngelesSpecial Ed. - No
21Alta Loma Elementary1745 Vineyard AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
22Amanecer Primary Center832 South Eastman AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
23Ambassador Sch Of Global Education3201 West Eighth StLos AngelesRegular - No
24Ambassador Sch Of Global Leadership701 South Catalina StLos AngelesRegular - No
25Ambler Avenue Elementary319 East Sherman DrCarsonRegularNoNo
26Amelia Earhart Continuation5355 Colfax AveNorth HollywoodOther - No
27Amestoy Elementary1048 West 149th StGardenaRegularNoNo
28Anahuacalmecac University Preparatory High4736 Huntington Dr SouthLos AngelesRegularNoYes
29Anatola Avenue Elementary7364 Anatola AveVan NuysRegularNoNo
30Andasol Avenue Elementary10126 Encino AveNorthridgeRegularNoNo
31Andrew Carnegie Middle21820 Bonita StCarsonRegularNoNo
32Angel's Gate (continuation)3200 Alma StSan PedroOther - No
33Angeles Mesa Elementary2611 West 52nd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
34Animo Jackie Robinson High3500 South Hill StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
35Animo Jefferson Charter Middle1655 East 27th StLos AngelesRegular - Yes
36Animo Justice Charter High1655 East 27th St 1st Fl.Los AngelesRegular - Yes
37Animo Locke Ace Academy325 East 111th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
38Animo Locke Charter Hs #1325 East 111th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
39Animo Locke Charter Hs #2325 East 111th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
40Animo Locke Charter Hs #3325 East 111th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
41Animo Locke Technology High810 East 111th PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoYes
42Animo Oscar De La Hoya Charter High1114 South Lorena StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
43Animo Pat Brown8255 Beach StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
44Animo Ralph Bunche High1655 East 27th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
45Animo South Los Angeles Charter11100 Western AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
46Animo Venice Charter High820 Broadway StVeniceRegularNoYes
47Animo Watts Charter High12628 Avalon BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
48Animo Westside Charter Middle820 Broadway StVeniceRegular - Yes
49Ann Street Elementary126 East Bloom StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
50Annalee Avenue Elementary19410 South Annalee AveCarsonRegularNoNo
51Annandale Elementary6125 Poppy Peak DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
52Antecello Preparatory Academy333 South Beaudry AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
53Apperson Street Elementary10233 Woodward AveSunlandRegularNoNo
54Aragon Avenue Elementary1118 Aragon AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
55Ararat Charter6555 Sylmar AveVan NuysRegular - Yes
56Arleta High14200 Van Nuys BlvdArletaRegularNoNo
57Arlington Heights Elementary1717 Seventh AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
58Arminta Street Elementary11530 Strathern StNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
59Arroyo Seco Museum Science4805 Sycamore Terr.Los AngelesOtherNoNo
60Arts In Action Community Charter4211 Huntley AveCulver CityRegular - Yes
61Ascot Avenue Elementary1447 East 45th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
62Aspire Antonio Maria Lugo Academy2665 Clarendon AveHuntington ParkRegularNoYes
63Aspire Centennial College Preparatory Academy2079 Saturn AveHuntington ParkRegularNoYes
64Aspire Firestone Academy8929 Kauffman AveSouth GateRegular - Yes
65Aspire Gateway Academy8929 Kauffman AveSouth GateRegular - Yes
66Aspire Huntington Park Charter6005 Stafford AveHuntington ParkRegularNoYes
67Aspire Pacific Academy6410 Rita AveHuntington ParkRegular - Yes
68Atwater Avenue Elementary3271 Silver Lake BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
69Audubon Middle4120 11th AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
70Aurora Elementary1050 East 52nd PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
71Avalon Gardens Elementary13940 South San Pedro StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
72Avalon High1425 North Avalon BlvdWilmingtonOther - No
73Balboa Gifted/high Ability Magnet Elementary17020 Labrador StNorthridgeOther - No
74Baldwin Hills Elementary5421 Rodeo RdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
75Bandini Street Elementary425 North Bandini StSan PedroRegularNoNo
76Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy1700 West 46th StLos AngelesRegular - No
77Barton Hill Elementary423 North Pacific AveSan PedroRegularNoNo
78Bassett Street Elementary15756 Bassett StVan NuysRegularNoNo
79Beachy Avenue Elementary9757 Beachy AveArletaRegularNoNo
80Beckford Avenue Elementary19130 Tulsa StNorthridgeRegular - No
81Beethoven Street Elementary3711 Beethoven StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
82Bell Senior High4328 Bell AveBellRegularNoNo
83Bellevue Primary610 North Micheltorena StLos AngelesRegular - No
84Bellingham Primary Center6728 Bellingham AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
85Belmont Senior High1575 West 2nd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
86Belvedere Elementary3724 East First StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
87Belvedere Middle312 North Record AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
88Benjamin Banneker Special Education Center14024 South San Pedro StLos AngelesSpecial Ed. - No
89Benjamin Franklin Senior High820 North Ave 54Los AngelesRegularNoNo
90Berendo Middle1157 South Berendo StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
91Berenece Carlson Home Hospital10952 Whipple StNorth HollywoodSpecial Ed. - No
92Bert Corona Charter9400 Remick AvePacoimaRegularNoYes
93Bertrand Avenue Elementary7021 Bertrand AveResedaRegularNoNo
94Betty Plasencia Elementary1321 Cortez StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
95Birdielee V. Bright Elementary1771 West 36th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
96Birmingham Community Charter High17000 Haynes StVan NuysRegularNoYes
97Blythe Street Elementary18730 Blythe StResedaRegularNoNo
98Bonita Street Elementary21929 Bonita StCarsonRegularNoNo
99Boyle Heights Continuation544 South Mathews StLos AngelesOther - No
100Braddock Drive Elementary4711 Inglewood BlvdCulver CityRegularNoNo
101Brainard Elementary11407 Brainard AveLake View TerraceRegularNoNo
102Breed Street Elementary2226 East Third StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
103Brentwood Science740 Gretna Green WayLos AngelesOtherYesNo
104Bret Harte Preparatory Middle9301 South Hoover StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
105Bridge Street Elementary605 North Boyle AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
106Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy5431 West 98th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
107Broad Avenue Elementary24815 Broad AveWilmingtonRegularNoNo
108Broadacres Avenue Elementary19424 South Broadacres AveCarsonRegularNoNo
109Broadway Elementary1015 Lincoln BlvdVeniceRegularNoNo
110Brockton Avenue Elementary1309 Armacost AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
111Brooklyn Avenue Elementary4620 Cesar Chavez AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
112Bryson Avenue Elementary4470 Missouri AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
113Buchanan Street Elementary5024 Buchanan StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
114Budlong Avenue Elementary5940 South Budlong AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
115Burbank Boulevard Elementary12215 Albers StNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
116Burton Street Elementary8111 Calhoun AvePanorama CityRegularNoNo
117Bushnell Way Elementary5507 Bushnell WayLos AngelesRegularNoNo
118C. Morley Sellery Special Education Center15805 South Budlong AveGardenaSpecial Ed. - No
119Ca Academy For Liberal Studies Early College High700 Wilshire Blvd Fourth Fl.Los AngelesRegularNoYes
120Cabrillo Avenue Elementary732 South Cabrillo AveSan PedroRegularNoNo
121Cahuenga Elementary220 South Hobart BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
122Cal Burke High14630 Lanark StPanorama CityOther - No
123Calabash Street Elementary23055 Eugene StWoodland HillsRegular - No
124Calahan Street Elementary18722 Knapp StNorthridgeRegularNoNo
125California Academy For Liberal Studies7350 North Figueroa StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
126Calvert Street Elementary19850 Delano StWoodland HillsRegularNoNo
127Camellia Avenue Elementary7451 Camellia AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
128Camino Nuevo Academy #2635 South Harvard BlvdLos AngelesRegular - Yes
129Camino Nuevo Charter Academy635 South Harvard BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
130Camino Nuevo Elementary 31723 Cordova StLos AngelesRegular - Yes
131Camino Nuevo Hs Charter3500 West Temple AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
132Canfield Avenue Elementary9233 Airdrome StLos AngelesRegular - No
133Canoga Park Elementary7438 Topanga Canyon BlvdCanoga ParkRegularNoNo
134Canoga Park Senior High6850 Topanga Canyon BlvdCanoga ParkRegularNoNo
135Cantara Street Elementary17950 Cantara StResedaRegularNoNo
136Canterbury Avenue Elementary13670 Montague StPacomiaRegularNoNo
137Canyon Elementary421 Entrada DrSanta MonicaRegular - Yes
138Capistrano Avenue Elementary8118 Capistrano AveWest HillsRegularNoNo
139Caroldale Lrn Community22424 Caroldale AveCarsonRegularNoNo
140Carpenter Community Charter3909 Carpenter AveStudio CityRegular - Yes
141Carson Senior High22328 South Main StCarsonRegularNoNo
142Carson Street Elementary161 East Carson StCarsonRegularNoNo
143Carson-gore Academy Of Enviornmental Studies3200 West Washington BlvdLos AngelesRegular - No
144Carthay Center Elementary6351 West Olympic BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
145Castelar Street Elementary840 Yale StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
146Castle Heights Elementary9755 Cattaraugus AveLos AngelesRegular - No
147Castlebay Lane Elementary19010 Castlebay LnNorthridgeRegular - No
148Catskill Avenue Elementary23536 Catskill AveCarsonRegularNoNo
149Cds Elementary333 South Beaudry AveLos AngelesOther - No
150Cds Secondary333 South Beaudry AveLos AngelesOther - No
151Celerity Dyad Charter4501 South WadsworthLos AngelesRegularNoYes
152Celerity Nascent Charter3417 West Jefferson BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
153Celerity Octavia Charter3010 Estara AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
154Celerity Palmati Charter3417 West Jefferson BlvdLos AngelesRegular - Yes
155Celerity Troika Charter1495 Colorado BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
156Center For Advanced Lrn4016 South Central AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
157Central City Value221 North Westmoreland AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
158Central High716 East 14th StLos AngelesOtherNoNo
159Central La Area New Hs #9450 North Grand AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
160Century Park Elementary10935 South Spinning AveInglewoodRegularNoNo
161Cesar Chavez Elementary5243 Oakland StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
162Champs - Charter Hs Of Arts-multimedia & Performin6952 Van Nuys BlvdSherman OaksRegularNoYes
163Chandler Elementary14030 Weddington StVan NuysRegularNoNo
164Chapman Elementary1947 Marine AveGardenaRegularNoNo
165Charles Drew Middle8511 Compton AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
166Charles H. Kim Elementary225 South Oxford AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
167Charles Leroy Lowman Special Education Center12827 Saticoy StNorth HollywoodSpecial Ed. - No
168Charles Maclay Middle12540 Pierce AvePacoimaRegularNoNo
169Charles W. Barrett Elementary419 West 98th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
170Charles White Elementary2401 Wilshire BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
171Charnock Road Elementary11133 Charnock RdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
172Chase Street Elementary14041 Chase StPanorama CityRegularNoNo
173Chatsworth Park Elementary22005 Devonshire StChatsworthRegularNoNo
174Chatsworth Senior High10027 Lurline AveChatsworthRegularNoNo
175Cheremoya Avenue Elementary6017 Franklin AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
176Chester W. Nimitz Middle6021 Carmelita AveHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
177Cheviot Hills Continuation9200 Cattaraugus AveLos AngelesOther - No
178Chime Charter19722 Collier StWoodland HillsRegularNoYes
179Chime Middle Charter19722 Collier StWoodland HillsRegularNoYes
180Christine O'donovan Middle Academy5355 South Fourth AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
181Christopher Columbus Middle22250 Elkwood StCanoga ParkRegularNoNo
182Christopher Dena Elementary1314 Dacotah StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
183Cienega Elementary2611 South Orange DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
184Cimarron Avenue Elementary11559 Cimarron AveHawthorneRegularNoNo
185Citizens Of The World Charter1316 North Bronson AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
186City Of Angels1449 South San PedroLos AngelesOtherNoNo
187City Terrace Elementary4350 City Terrace DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
188Civitas Sch Of Leadership1200 West Colton StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
189Clas Affirmation4400 Coliseum StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
190Clifford Street Elementary2150 Duane StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
191Clover Avenue Elementary11020 Clover AveLos AngelesRegular - No
192Coeur D'alene Avenue Elementary810 Coeur D'alene AveVeniceRegularNoNo
193Cohasset Street Elementary15810 Saticoy StVan NuysRegularNoNo
194Coldwater Canyon Elementary6850 Coldwater Canyon AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
195Colfax Charter Elementary11724 Addison StNorth HollywoodRegularNoYes
196Coliseum Street Elementary4400 Coliseum StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
197College Ready Academy High #1110720 South Wilmington AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
198College Ready Academy High #1313245 Hubbard StSylmarRegular - Yes
199College Ready Academy High #142023 South Union AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
200College Ready Academy High #162023 South Union AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
201College Ready Academy High #51729 West Martin Luther King JLos AngelesRegularNoYes
202College Ready Academy High #72941 West 70th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
203College Ready Middle Academy #41630 East 111th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
204College Ready Middle Academy #52635 Pasadena AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
205College Ready Middle Academy #72941 West 70th StLos AngelesRegular - Yes
206Columbus Avenue6700 Columbus AveVan NuysRegularNoNo
207Commonwealth Avenue Elementary215 South Commonwealth AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
208Community Charter Early College High11500 Eldridge AveLakeview TerraceRegularNoYes
209Community Charter Middle11500 Eldridge AveLakeview TerraceRegularNoYes
210Community Harvest Charter5300 Sepulveda BlvdSherman OaksRegularNoYes
211Community Magnet Charter Elementary11301 Bellagio RdLos AngelesRegular - Yes
212Compton Avenue Elementary1515 East 104th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
213Cornerstone Prep Charter7651 South Central AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
214Corona Avenue Elementary3825 Bell AveBellRegularNoNo
215Cowan Avenue Elementary7615 Cowan AveLos AngelesRegular - No
216Crenshaw Arts/tech Charter High4120 11th AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
217Crenshaw Senior High5010 11th AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
218Crescendo Charter4900 South Western AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
219Crescendo Charter Academy13000 South Van Ness AveGardenaRegularNoYes
220Crescendo Charter Conservatory2506 West Imperial HwyHawthorneRegularNoYes
221Crescendo Charter Preparatory Central5940 Budlong AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
222Crescendo Charter Preparatory South8477 South Normandie AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
223Crescendo Charter Preparatory West16110 South La Salle AveGardenaRegularNoYes
224Crescent Heights Boulevard Elementary1661 South Crescent HeightsLos AngelesOtherNoNo
225Crestwood Street Elementary1946 West Crestwood StRancho Palos VerdesRegular - No
226Crown Preparatory Academy2055 West 24th St Rm. 60Los AngelesRegular - Yes
227Dahlia Heights Elementary5063 Floristan AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
228Daniel Pearl Journalism & Communications Magnet6649 Balboa BlvdVan NuysRegularNoNo
229Daniel Webster Middle11330 West Graham PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
230Danny J. Bakewell, Sr., Primary Center8621 South Baring Cross StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
231Danube Avenue Elementary11220 Danube AveGranada HillsRegularNoNo
232Darby Avenue Elementary10818 Darby AveNorthridgeRegular - No
233David Starr Jordan Senior High2265 East 103rd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
234David Wark Griffith Middle4765 East Fourth StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
235Dayton Heights Elementary607 North Westmoreland AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
236Dearborn Street Elementary9240 Wish AveNorthridgeRegularNoNo
237Del Amo Elementary21228 Water StCarsonRegularNoNo
238Delevan Drive Elementary4168 West Ave 42Los AngelesRegularNoNo
239Delores Huerta Elementary260 East 31st StLos AngelesRegular - No
240Denker Avenue Elementary1620 West 162nd StGardenaRegularNoNo
241Design High1501 Wilshire BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
242Diane S. Leichman Special Education Center19034 Gault StResedaSpecial Ed. - No
243Discovery Charter Preparatory #212550 Van Nuys BlvdPacoimaRegularNoYes
244Dixie Canyon Avenue Elementary4220 Dixie Canyon AveSherman OaksRegular - No
245Dolores Street Elementary22526 Dolores StCarsonRegularNoNo
246Dominguez Elementary21250 Santa Fe AveCarsonRegularNoNo
247Dorothy V. Johnson Community Day10601 South Grandee AveLos AngelesOther - No
248Dorris Place Elementary2225 Dorris PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
249Downtown Business High1081 West Temple StLos AngelesOtherYesNo
250Downtown Value950 West Washington BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
251Dr. James Edward Jones Primary Center1017 West 47th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
252Dr. Olga Mohan High644 West 17th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
253Dr. Owen Lloyd Knox Elementary8919 South Main StLos AngelesRegular - No
254Dr. Theodore T. Alexander Science Center3737 South Figueroa StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
255Dyer Street Elementary14500 Dyer StSylmarRegularNoNo
256Eagle Rock Elementary2057 Fair Park AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
257Eagle Rock High1750 Yosemite DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
258Eagle Tree Continuation22628 South Main StCarsonOther - No
259East Los Angeles Performing Arts Academy At Esteba4211 Dozier StLos AngelesRegular - No
260East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy At Esteban E.4211 Dozier StLos AngelesRegular - No
261East Valley Senior High5525 Vineland AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
262Eastman Avenue Elementary4112 East Olympic BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
263Edward R. Roybal Lrn Center1200 West Colton StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
264Edwin Markham Middle1650 East 104th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
265El Camino Real Senior High5440 Valley Circle BlvdWoodland HillsRegularNoNo
266El Dorado Avenue Elementary12749 El Dorado AveSylmarRegularNoNo
267El Oro Way Elementary12230 El Oro WayGranada HillsRegular - No
268El Sereno Elementary3838 Rosemead AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
269El Sereno Middle2839 North Eastern AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
270Elizabeth Lrn Center4811 Elizabeth StCudahyRegularNoNo
271Ellen Ochoa Lrn Center5027 Live Oak StCudahyRegularNoNo
272Ellington (duke) High (continuation)1541 West 110th StLos AngelesOther - No
273Elysian Heights Elementary1562 Baxter StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
274Emelita Street Elementary17931 Hatteras StEncinoRegularNoNo
275Enadia Way Elementary22944 Enadia WayWest HillsRegularNoNo
276Encino Elementary16941 Addison StEncinoRegular - No
277Endeavor College Preparatory Charter126 Bloom StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
278Engineering And Technology Academy At Esteban E. T4211 Dozier StLos AngelesRegular - No
279Environmental Science And Technology High2930 Fletcher DrLos AngelesRegularNoYes
280Equitas Academy Charter631 South Commonwealth AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
281Ernest Lawrence Middle10100 Variel AveChatsworthRegularNoNo
282Ernest P. Willenberg Special Education Center308 Weymouth AveSan PedroSpecial Ed. - No
283Erwin Elementary13400 Erwin StVan NuysRegularNoNo
284Eshelman Avenue Elementary25902 Eshelman AveLomitaRegularNoNo
285Esperanza Elementary680 Little StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
286Estrella Elementary300 East 53rd StLos AngelesRegular - No
287Euclid Avenue Elementary806 Euclid AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
288Evelyn Thurman Gratts Elementary309 Lucas AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
289Evergreen Avenue Elementary2730 Ganahl StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
290Evergreen Continuation13101 Dronfield AveSylmarOther - No
291Excel Charter Academy1855 North Main StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
292Fair Avenue Elementary6501 Fair AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
293Fairburn Avenue Elementary1403 Fairburn AveLos AngelesRegular - No
294Fairfax Senior High7850 Melrose AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
295Farmdale Elementary2660 Ruth Swiggett DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
296Fenton Avenue Charter11828 Gain StLake View TerraceRegularNoYes
297Fenton Primary Center11828 Gain StLake View TerraceRegularNoYes
298Fernando Pullum Performing Arts High5100 South BroadwayLos AngelesRegular - Yes
299Fernangeles Elementary12001 Art StSun ValleyRegularNoNo
300Fifteenth Street Elementary1527 South Mesa StSan PedroRegularNoNo
301Fifty-fourth Street Elementary5501 South Eileen AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
302Fifty-ninth Street Elementary5939 Second AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
303Fifty-second Street Elementary816 West 51st StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
304Figueroa Street Elementary510 West 111th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
305Film And Theatre Arts Charter High3801 South BroadwayLos AngelesRegular - Yes
306First Street Elementary2820 East First StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
307Fishburn Avenue Elementary5701 Fishburn AveMaywoodRegularNoNo
308Fletcher Drive Elementary3350 Fletcher DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
309Florence Avenue Elementary7211 Bell AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
310Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary1963 East 103rd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
311Florence Nightingale Middle3311 North Figueroa StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
312Ford Boulevard Elementary1112 South Ford BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
313Forty-ninth Street Elementary750 East 49th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
314Forty-second Street Elementary4231 Fourth AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
315Foshay Lrn Center3751 South Harvard BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
316Fourth Street Elementary420 South Amalia AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
317Fourth Street Primary Center469 Amalia AveLos AngelesRegular - No
318Frances Blend Special Education Center5210 Clinton StLos AngelesSpecial Ed. - No
319Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High1200 North Cornwell StLos AngelesOtherYesNo
320Francisco Sepulveda Middle15330 Plummer StNorth HillsRegularNoNo
321Frank Del Olmo Elementary100 North New Hampshire AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
322Frank Lanterman2328 Saint James PlaceLos AngelesSpecial Ed. - No
323Franklin Avenue Elementary1910 North Commonwealth AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
324Fred E. Lull Special Education Center17551 Miranda StEncinoSpecial Ed. - No
325Frederick Douglass Academy Elementary2320 West Martin Luther King JLos AngelesRegular - Yes
326Frederick Douglass Academy High3200 West Adams BlvdLos AngelesRegular - Yes
327Frederick Douglass Academy Middle3200 West Adams BlvdLos AngelesRegular - Yes
328Frida Kahlo High1924 South Los Angeles StLos AngelesOther - No
329Fries Avenue Elementary1301 Fries AveWilmingtonRegularNoNo
330Full Circle Lrn Academy4319 West Jefferson BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
331Fullbright Avenue Elementary6940 Fullbright AveCanoga ParkRegularNoNo
332Futuro College Preparatory Elementary3838 Rosemead AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
333Gabriella Charter1435 Logan StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
334Garden Grove Elementary18141 Valerio StResedaRegularNoNo
335Gardena Elementary647 West Gardena BlvdGardenaRegularNoNo
336Gardena Senior High1301 West 182nd StGardenaRegularNoNo
337Gardner Street Elementary7450 Hawthorn AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
338Garr Academy Of Math And Entrepreneurial Studies5101 South Western AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
339Garvanza Elementary317 North Ave 62Los AngelesRegularNoNo
340Garza (carmen Lomas) Primary Center2750 East Hostetter StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
341Gaspar De Portola Middle18720 Linnet StTarzanaRegularNoNo
342Gates Street Elementary3333 Manitou AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
343Gault Street Elementary17000 Gault StVan NuysRegularNoNo
344George De La Torre Jr. Elementary500 North Island AveWilmingtonRegularNoNo
345George Ellery Hale Middle23830 Califa StWoodland HillsRegularNoNo
346George K. Porter Middle15960 Kingsbury StGranada HillsRegularNoNo
347George S. Patton Continuation24514 South Western AveHarbor CityOther - No
348George Washington Carver Middle4410 Mckinley AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
349George Washington Preparatory High10860 South Denker AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
350Germain Street Elementary20730 Germain StChatsworthRegular - No
351Gertz-ressler Academy High2023 South Union AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
352Glassell Park Elementary2211 West Ave 30Los AngelesRegularNoNo
353Gledhill Street Elementary16030 Gledhill StNorth HillsRegularNoNo
354Glen Alta Elementary3410 Sierra StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
355Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary3955 Glenfeliz BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
356Glenn Hammond Curtiss Middle1254 East Helmick StCarsonRegularNoNo
357Glenwood Elementary8001 Ledge AveSun ValleyRegularNoNo
358Global Education Academy4141 South Figueroa StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
359Goethe International Charter12500 Braddock DrMarina Del ReyRegularNoYes
360Graham Elementary8407 South Fir AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
361Granada Elementary17170 Tribune StGranada HillsRegularNoNo
362Granada Hills Charter High10535 Zelzah AveGranada HillsRegularYesYes
363Grand View Boulevard Elementary3951 Grand View BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
364Grant Elementary1530 North Wilton PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
365Grape Street Elementary1940 East 111th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
366Gridley Street Elementary1907 Eighth StSan FernandoRegularNoNo
367Griffin Avenue Elementary2025 Griffin AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
368Grover Cleveland High8140 Vanalden AveResedaRegularNoNo
369Gulf Avenue Elementary828 West L StWilmingtonRegularNoNo
370Haddon Avenue Elementary10115 Haddon AvePacoimaRegularNoNo
371Halldale Elementary21514 Halldale AveTorranceRegularNoNo
372Hamlin Street Elementary22627 Hamlin StWest HillsRegularNoNo
373Hancock Park Elementary408 South Fairfax AveLos AngelesRegular - No
374Harbor City Elementary1508 West 254th StHarbor CityRegularNoNo
375Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy1111 Figueroa PlaceWilmingtonRegularNoNo
376Harding Street Elementary13060 Harding StSylmarRegularNoNo
377Harmony Elementary899 East 42nd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
378Harold Mcalister High (opportunity)611 South Carondelet StLos AngelesOther - No
379Harris Newmark Continuation134 Witmer StLos AngelesOther - No
380Harrison Street Elementary3529 City Terrace DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
381Hart Street Elementary21040 Hart StCanoga ParkRegularNoNo
382Harvard Elementary330 North Harvard BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
383Haskell Elementary15850 Tulsa StGranada HillsRegularNoNo
384Hawaiian Avenue Elementary540 Hawaiian AveWilmingtonRegularNoNo
385Haynes Elementary6624 Lockhurst DrWest HillsRegular - No
386Hazeltine Avenue Elementary7150 Hazeltine AveVan NuysRegularNoNo
387Health Services Academy High12226 South Western AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
388Helen Bernstein High1309 North Wilton PlaceHollywoodRegularNoNo
389Heliotrope Avenue Elementary5911 Woodlawn AveMaywoodRegularNoNo
390Henry Clay Middle12226 South Western AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
391Henry David Thoreau Continuation5429 Quakertown AveWoodland HillsOther - No
392Henry T. Gage Middle2880 East Gage AveHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
393Heritage College-ready High9719 South Main StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
394Herrick Avenue Elementary13350 Herrick AveSylmarRegularNoNo
395Hesby Oaks15530 Hesby StEncinoRegular - No
396High Tech La17111 Victory BlvdVan NuysVocationalNoYes
397Highland Park Continuation928 North Ave 53Los AngelesOther - No
398Hillcrest Drive Elementary4041 Hillcrest DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
399Hillery T. Broadous Elementary12561 Filmore StPacoimaRegularNoNo
400Hillside Elementary120 East Ave 35Los AngelesRegularNoNo
401Hobart Boulevard Elementary980 South Hobart BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
402Hollenbeck Middle2510 East Sixth StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
403Hollywood Primary Center1115 Tamarind AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
404Hollywood Senior High1521 North Highland AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
405Holmes Avenue Elementary5108 Holmes AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
406Hooper Avenue Elementary1225 East 52nd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
407Hooper Avenue Primary Center1280 East 52nd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
408Hoover Street Elementary2726 Francis AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
409Hope Street Elementary7560 State StHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
410Horace Mann Junior High7001 South Saint Andrews PlacLos AngelesRegularNoNo
411Hubbard Street Elementary13325 Hubbard StSylmarRegularNoNo
412Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle929 North Las Palmas AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
413Humanitas Academy Of Art And Technology At Esteban4211 Dozier StLos AngelesRegular - No
414Humanitas Art Sch At Roosevelt High456 South Mathews StLos AngelesRegular - No
415Humphreys Avenue Elementary500 South Humphreys AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
416Huntington Drive Elementary4435 North Huntington DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
417Huntington Park College-ready Academy2071 Saturn AveHuntington ParkRegularNoYes
418Huntington Park Elementary6055 Corona AveHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
419Huntington Park Senior High6020 Miles AveHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
420Icef Vista Elementary Academy4471 Inglewood BlvdLos AngelesRegular - Yes
421Icef Vista Middle Academy4471 Inglewood BlvdLos AngelesRegular - Yes
422Independence Continuation6501 Balboa BlvdVan NuysOther - No
423Independence Elementary8435 Victoria AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
424International Studies Lrn Center2701 Sequoia DrSouth GateRegularNoNo
425Ivanhoe Elementary2828 Herkimer StLos AngelesRegular - No
426Ivy Academia6051 De Soto AveWoodland HillsRegularNoYes
427Ivy Bound Academy Of Math, Science, And Technology15355 Morrison StSherman OaksRegularNoYes
428Jack H. Skirball Middle603 East 115th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
429Jack London Community Day12924a Oxnard StValley GlenOther - No
430Jack London Continuation12924 Oxnard StVan NuysOther - No
431Jaime Escalante Elementary4443 Live Oak StCudahyRegular - No
432James A. Garfield Senior High5101 East Sixth StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
433James Fenimore Cooper Community Day2210 Taper AveSan PedroOther - No
434James J. Mcbride Special Education Center3960 Centinela AveLos AngelesSpecial Ed. - No
435James Jordan Middle20040 Parthenia StNorthridgeRegularNoYes
436James Madison Middle13000 Hart StNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
437James Monroe High9229 Haskell AveNorth HillsRegularNoNo
438Jane Addams Continuation16341 Donmetz StGranada HillsOther - No
439Jardin De La Infancia307 East Seventh StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
440Jessie Owens Community Day2400 West 54th StLos AngelesOther - No
441Joaquin Miller Career And Transition Center8218 Vanalden AveResedaSpecial Ed. - No
442John A. Sutter Middle7330 Winnetka AveCanoga ParkRegularNoNo
443John Adams Middle151 West 30th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
444John B. Monlux Elementary6051 Bellaire AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
445John Burroughs Middle600 South Mccadden PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
446John C. Fremont Senior High7676 South San Pedro StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
447John F. Kennedy High11254 Gothic AveGranada HillsRegularNoNo
448John H. Francis Polytechnic12431 Roscoe BlvdSun ValleyRegularNoNo
449John H. Liechty Middle650 South Union AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
450John Hope Continuation7840 Towne AveLos AngelesOther - No
451John Marshall Senior High3939 Tracy StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
452John Muir Middle5929 South Vermont AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
453John R. Wooden High18741 Elkwood StResedaOther - No
454John W. Mack Elementary3020 South Catalina StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
455Johnnie Cochran, Jr., Middle4066 West Johnnie Cochran VistLos AngelesRegularNoNo
456Jordan New Technology High2265 East 103rd StLos AngelesRegular - No
457Joseph Le Conte Middle1316 North Bronson AveHollywoodRegularNoNo
458Joseph Pomeroy Widney High2302 South Gramercy PlaceLos AngelesSpecial Ed. - No
459Julie Korenstein Elementary7650 Ben AveNorth HollywoodRegular - No
460Justice Street Elementary23350 Justice StWest HillsRegular - No
461Kenter Canyon Elementary645 North Kenter AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
462Kentwood Elementary8401 Emerson AveLos AngelesRegular - No
463Kester Avenue Elementary5353 Kester AveVan NuysRegularNoNo
464Kindergarten Lrn Academy6555 Sylmar AveVan NuysRegular - No
465King/drew Medical Magnet High1601 East 120th StLos AngelesOtherYesNo
466Kingsley Elementary5200 West Virginia AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
467Kipp Academy Of Opportunity7019 South Van Ness AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
468Kipp Comienza Community Prep3211 Santa Ana StSouth GateRegular - Yes
469Kipp Empower Academy7511 Raymond AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
470Kipp Los Angeles College Preparatory2810 Whittier BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
471Kipp Raices Academy4545 Dozier AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
472Kittridge Street Elementary13619 Kittridge StVan NuysRegularNoNo
473Knollwood Elementary11822 Gerald AveGranada HillsRegularNoNo
474La Salle Avenue Elementary8715 La Salle AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
475Lafayette Park Primary Center310 South La Fayette Park PlaLos AngelesRegularNoNo
476Lake Street Primary135 North Lake StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
477Lakeview Charter Academy11465 Kagel Canyon StLakeview TerraceRegularNoYes
478Lakeview Charter High1218 Fourth StSan FernandoRegular - Yes
479Lanai Road Elementary4241 Lanai RdEncinoRegularNoNo
480Langdon Avenue Elementary8817 Langdon AveNorth HillsRegularNoNo
481Lankershim Elementary5250 Bakman AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
482Larchmont Charter815 North El Centro AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
483Larchmont Charter Sch-west Hollywood1265 North Fairfax AveWest HollywoodRegularNoYes
484Lassen Elementary15017 Superior StNorth HillsRegularNoNo
485Latona Avenue Elementary4312 Berenice AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
486Laurel Elementary925 North Hayworth AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
487Leapwood Avenue Elementary19302 Leapwood AveCarsonRegularNoNo
488Legacy Charter High9900 South Vermont AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
489Leland Street Elementary2120 South Leland StSan PedroRegularNoNo
490Lemay Street Elementary17520 Vanowen StVan NuysRegularNoNo
491Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary1260 West 36th PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
492Leo Politi Elementary2481 West 11th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
493Lexington Avenue Primary Center4564 West Lexington AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
494Liberty Boulevard Elementary2728 Liberty BlvdSouth GateRegularNoNo
495Liggett Street Elementary9373 Moonbeam AvePanorama CityRegularNoNo
496Lillian Street Elementary5909 Lillian StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
497Limerick Avenue Elementary8530 Limerick AveCanoga ParkRegularNoNo
498Lockhurst Drive Elementary6170 Lockhurst DrWoodland HillsRegular - No
499Lockwood Avenue Elementary4345 Lockwood AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
500Logan Street Elementary1711 West Montana StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
501Loma Vista Elementary3629 East 58th StMaywoodRegularNoNo
502Lomita Math/science/technology Magnet2211 West 247th StLomitaOtherNoNo
503Loren Miller Elementary830 West 77th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
504Lorena Street Elementary1015 South Lorena StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
505Loreto Street Elementary3408 Arroyo Seco AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
506Lorne Street Elementary17440 Lorne StNorthridgeRegularNoNo
507Los Angeles Academy Middle644 East 56th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
508Los Angeles Academy Of Arts & Enterprise Charter600 South La Fayette Park PlaLos AngelesRegularNoYes
509Los Angeles Center For Enriched Studies5931 West 18th StLos AngelesOtherNoNo
510Los Angeles Elementary1211 South Hobart BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
511Los Angeles Hs Of The Arts (lahsa)701 South Catalina StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
512Los Angeles Leadership Academy234 East Ave 33Los AngelesRegularNoYes
513Los Angeles Sch Of Global Studies322 Lucas AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
514Los Angeles Senior High4650 West Olympic BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
515Los Angeles Teachers Preparatory Academy1575 West Second StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
516Los Angeles Unified Alternative Education333 South Beaudry Ave Fl. 18Los AngelesOther - No
517Los Feliz Charter Sch For The Arts2709 East Media Center DrLos AngelesRegularNoYes
518Los Feliz Elementary1740 North New Hampshire AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
519Lou Dantzler Preparatory Charter Elementary1260 West 36th StLos AngelesRegular - Yes
520Lou Dantzler Preparatory Charter High2941 West 70th StLos AngelesRegular - Yes
521Lou Dantzler Preparatory Charter Middle5029 South Vermont AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
522Lovelia P. Flournoy Elementary1630 East 111th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
523Loyola Village Elementary8821 Villanova AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
524Luther Burbank Middle6460 North Figueroa StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
525Macarthur Park Primary Center2300 West Seventh StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
526Madison Elementary9820 Madison AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
527Magnolia Avenue Elementary1626 South Orchard AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
528Magnolia Science Academy18238 Sherman WayResedaRegularNoYes
529Magnolia Science Academy 217125 Victory BlvdVan NuysRegularNoYes
530Magnolia Science Academy 31254 East Helmick StCarsonRegularNoYes
531Magnolia Science Academy 411330 West Graham Place B9Los AngelesRegularNoYes
532Magnolia Science Academy 51530 North Wilton PlaceHollywoodRegularNoYes
533Magnolia Science Academy 63754 Dunn DrLos AngelesRegularNoYes
534Magnolia Science Academy 718425 Kittridge StResedaRegular - Yes
535Magnolia Science Academy Bell6411 Orchard AveBellRegular - Yes
536Main Street Elementary129 East 53rd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
537Malabar Street Elementary3200 East Malabar StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
538Manchester Avenue Elementary661 West 87th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
539Manhattan Place Elementary1850 West 96th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
540Manual Arts Senior High4131 South Vermont AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
541Maple Primary Center3601 South Maple AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
542Mar Vista Elementary3330 Granville AveLos AngelesRegular - No
543Marc & Eva Stern Math And Science5151 State University DrLos AngelesRegularNoYes
544Marianna Avenue Elementary4215 East Gleason StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
545Marina Del Rey Middle12500 Braddock DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
546Mariposa-nabi Primary Center987 South Mariposa AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
547Mark Twain Middle2224 Walgrove AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
548Marlton4000 Santo Tomas DrLos AngelesSpecial Ed. - No
549Marquez Avenue Elementary16821 Marquez AvePacific PalisadesRegular - Yes
550Martha Escutia Primary Center6401 Bear AveBellRegularNoNo
551Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary3989 South Hobart BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
552Marvin Elementary2411 Marvin AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
553Mary Mcleod Bethune Middle155 West 69th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
554Math, Science, & Technology Magnet Academy At Roos456 South Mathews StLos AngelesRegular - No
555Maurice Sendak Elementary11414 West Tiara StNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
556Mayall Street Elementary16701 Mayall StNorth HillsRegularNoNo
557Mayberry Street Elementary2414 Mayberry StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
558Maywood Academy High6125 Pine AveMaywoodRegularNoNo
559Maywood Elementary5200 Cudahy AveMaywoodRegularNoNo
560Mckinley Avenue Elementary7812 Mckinley AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
561Media Arts And Entertainment High5156 Whittier BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
562Melrose Avenue Elementary731 North Detroit StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
563Melvin Avenue Elementary7700 Melvin AveResedaRegularNoNo
564Menlo Avenue Elementary4156 Menlo AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
565Metropolitan Continuation727 South Wilson StLos AngelesOther - No
566Meyler Street Elementary1123 West 223rd StTorranceRegularNoNo
567Micheltorena Street Elementary1511 Micheltorena StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
568Mid City Magnet3150 West Adams BlvdLos AngelesOtherNoNo
569Middle College High11750 South Western AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
570Middleton Primary Center2410 Zoe AveHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
571Middleton Street Elementary6537 Malabar StHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
572Miguel Contreras Lrn Complex322 Lucas AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
573Miguel Leonis Continuation5445 Manton AveWoodland HillsOther - No
574Milagro Charter1855 North Main StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
575Miles Avenue Elementary6720 Miles AveHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
576Miramonte Elementary1400 East 68th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
577Mission Continuation11015 O'melveny AveSan FernandoOther - No
578Moneta Continuation1230 West 177th StGardenaOther - No
579Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter Middle2900 West Temple StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
580Montague Charter Academy13000 Montague StPacoimaRegularNoYes
581Montara Avenue Elementary10018 Montara AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
582Monte Vista Street Elementary5423 Monte Vista StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
583Monterey Continuation466 South Fraser StLos AngelesOther - No
584Morningside Elementary576 North Maclay AveSan FernandoRegularNoNo
585Morris K. Hamasaki Elementary4865 East First StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
586Mountain View Elementary6410 Olcott StTujungaRegularNoNo
587Mt. Gleason Middle10965 Mt. Gleason AveSunlandRegularNoNo
588Mt. Lukens Continuation7705 Summitrose StTujungaOther - No
589Mt. Washington Elementary3981 San Rafael AveLos AngelesRegular - No
590Multicultural Lrn Center7510 Desoto AveCanoga ParkRegularNoYes
591Multnomah Street Elementary2101 North Indiana AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
592Murchison Street Elementary1501 Murchison StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
593N.e.w. Academy Of Science And Arts379 South Loma AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
594Napa Street Elementary19010 Napa StNorthridgeRegularNoNo
595Nathaniel Narbonne Senior High24300 Western AveHarbor CityRegularNoNo
596Nestle Avenue Elementary5060 Nestle AveTarzanaRegularNoNo
597Nevada Avenue Elementary22120 Chase StWest HillsRegularNoNo
598Nevin Avenue Elementary1569 East 32nd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
599New Academy Canoga Park21425 Cohasset StCanoga ParkRegularNoYes
600New Designs Charter2303 South Figueroa WayLos AngelesRegularNoYes
601New Designs Charter Sch-Watts12714 South Avalon BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
602New Heights Charter4126 Arlington AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
603New Los Angeles Charter1919 South Burnside AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
604New Millennium Secondary20700 Avalon BlvdCarsonRegularNoYes
605New Open World Academy3201 West Eighth StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
606New Village Charter High147 North Occidental BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
607Newcastle Elementary6520 Newcastle AveResedaRegularNoNo
608Ninety-fifth Street Elementary1109 West 96th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
609Ninety-ninth Street Elementary9900 South Wadsworth AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
610Ninety-second Street Elementary9211 Grape StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
611Ninety-sixth Street Elementary1471 East 96th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
612Ninety-third Street Elementary330 East 93rd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
613Ninth Street Elementary820 Towne AveLos AngelesRegular - No
614Noble Avenue Elementary8329 Noble AveNorth HillsRegularNoNo
615Nora Sterry Elementary1730 Corinth AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
616Normandie Avenue Elementary4505 South Raymond AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
617Normont Elementary1001 West 253rd StHarbor CityRegularNoNo
618North Hollywood Senior High5231 Colfax AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
619North Valley Charter Academy16651a Rinaldi StGranada HillsRegularNoYes
620Northridge Academy High9601 Zelzah AveNorthridgeRegularNoNo
621Northridge Middle17960 Chase StNorthridgeRegularNoNo
622Norwood Street Elementary2020 Oak StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
623Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy1445 Celis StSan FernandoRegularNoYes
624Nueva Vista Elementary4412 Randolph StBellRegularNoNo
625Nuevo Sol Charter1218 Fourth StSan FernandoRegularNoYes
626O'melveny Elementary728 Woodworth StSan FernandoRegularNoNo
627Ocean Charter12606 Culver BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
628Odyssey Continuation8693 Dearborn AveSouth GateOther - No
629Olive Vista Middle14600 Tyler StSylmarRegularNoNo
630Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle9351 Paso Robles AveNorthridgeRegularNoNo
631Olympic Primary Center950 South Albany StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
632One Hundred Eighteenth Street144 East 118th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
633One Hundred Eighty-sixth Street Elementary1581 West 186th StGardenaRegularNoNo
634One Hundred Fifty-sixth Street Elementary2100 West 156th StGardenaRegularNoNo
635One Hundred Fifty-third Street1605 West 153rd StGardenaRegularNoNo
636One Hundred Ninth Street Elementary10915 South Mckinley AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
637One Hundred Seventh Street Elementary147 East 107th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
638One Hundred Sixteenth Street Elementary11610 Stanford AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
639One Hundred Thirty-fifth Street Elementary801 West 135th StGardenaRegularNoNo
640One Hundred Twelfth Street Elementary1265 East 112th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
641One Hundred Twenty-second Street Elementary405 East 122nd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
642Open Charter Magnet5540 West 77th StLos AngelesRegular - Yes
643Orthopaedic Hospital300 West 23rd StLos AngelesOtherNoNo
644Orville Wright Middle6550 West 80th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
645Osceola Street Elementary14940 Osceola StSylmarRegularNoNo
646Our Community Charter10045 Jumilla AveChatsworthRegularNoYes
647Overland Avenue Elementary10650 Ashby AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
648Owensmouth Continuation6921 Jordan AveCanoga ParkOther - No
649Oxnard Street Elementary10912 Oxnard StNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
650Pacific Boulevard2660 East 57th StHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
651Pacoima Charter Elementary11016 Norris AvePacoimaRegularNoYes
652Pacoima Middle9919 Laurel Canyon BlvdPacoimaRegularNoNo
653Palisades Charter Elementary800 Via De La PazPacific PalisadesRegular - Yes
654Palisades Charter High15777 Bowdoin StPacific PalisadesRegularYesYes
655Palms Elementary3520 Motor AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
656Palms Middle10860 Woodbine StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
657Panorama City Elementary8600 Kester AvePanorama CityRegularNoNo
658Panorama High8015 Van Nuys BlvdPanorama CityRegularNoNo
659Para Los Ninos - Evelyn Thurman Gratts Primary474 South Hartford AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
660Para Los Ninos Charter1617 East Seventh StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
661Para Los Ninos Middle1617 East Seventh StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
662Park Avenue Elementary8020 Park AveCudahyRegularNoNo
663Park Western Place Elementary1214 Park Western PlaceSan PedroRegularNoNo
664Parmelee Avenue Elementary1338 East 76th PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
665Parthenia Street Elementary16825 Napa StNorth HillsRegularNoNo
666Paseo Del Rey Fundamental7751 Paseo Del ReyPlaya Del ReyOtherNoNo
667Patrick Henry Middle17340 San Jose StGranada HillsRegularNoNo
668Paul Revere Middle1450 Allenford AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
669Phineas Banning Senior High1527 Lakme AveWilmingtonRegularNoNo
670Phoenix Continuation12971 Zanja StLos AngelesOther - No
671Pinewood Avenue Elementary10111 Silverton AveTujungaRegularNoNo
672Pio Pico Elementary1512 South Arlington AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
673Plainview Avenue Elementary10819 Plainview AveTujungaRegularNoNo
674Playa Del Rey Elementary12221 Juniette StCulver CityRegularNoNo
675Plummer Elementary9340 Noble AveNorth HillsRegularNoNo
676Point Fermin Elementary3333 Kerckhoff AveSan PedroRegularNoNo
677Pomelo Drive Elementary7633 March AveWest HillsRegular - No
678Port Of Los Angeles High250 West Fifth StSan PedroRegularNoYes
679President Avenue Elementary1465 West 243rd StHarbor CityRegularNoNo
680Primary Academy For Success9075 Willis AvePanorama CityRegularNoNo
681Pueblo De Los Angeles Continuation2506 Alta StLos AngelesOther - No
682Puente Charter501 South Boyle AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
683Purche Avenue Elementary13210 Purche AveGardenaRegularNoNo
684Queen Anne Place Elementary1212 Queen Anne PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
685Quincy Jones Elementary900 East 33rd StLos AngelesRegular - No
686Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle1650 Selby AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
687Ramona Elementary1133 North Mariposa AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
688Ramona Opportunity High231 South Alma AveLos AngelesOther - No
689Ranchito Avenue Elementary7940 Ranchito AvePanorama CityRegularNoNo
690Raymond Avenue Elementary7511 Raymond AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
691Renaissance Arts Academy1800 Colorado BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
692Reseda Elementary7265 Amigo AveResedaRegularNoNo
693Reseda Senior High18230 Kittridge StResedaRegularNoNo
694Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary401 East 40th PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
695Richard A. Alonzo Community Day5755 Fountain AveLos AngelesOther - No
696Richard E. Byrd Middle8501 Arleta AveSun ValleyRegularNoNo
697Richard Henry Dana Middle1501 South Cabrillo AveSan PedroRegularNoNo
698Richard Merkin Middle Academy2023 Union AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
699Richard Riordan Primary Center5531 Monte Vista StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
700Richland Avenue Elementary11562 Richland AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
701Rio Vista Elementary4243 Satsuma AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
702Ritter Elementary11108 Watts AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
703Riverside Drive Elementary13061 Riverside DrSherman OaksRegular - No
704Robert A. Millikan Middle5041 Sunnyslope AveSherman OaksRegularNoNo
705Robert E. Peary Middle1415 West Gardena BlvdGardenaRegularNoNo
706Robert F. Kennedy Elementary4010 East Ramboz DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
707Robert Frost Middle12314 Bradford PlaceGranada HillsRegularNoNo
708Robert Fulton College Preparatory7477 Kester AveVan NuysRegularNoNo
709Robert H. Lewis Continuation12508 Wicks StSun ValleyOther - No
710Robert Hill Lane Elementary1500 Cesar Chavez AveMonterey ParkRegularNoNo
711Robert Louis Stevenson Middle725 South Indiana StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
712Rockdale Elementary1303 Yosemite DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
713Rop Center333 South Beaudry AveLos AngelesVocationalNoNo
714Rosa Parks Lrn Center8855 Noble AveNorth HillsRegularNoNo
715Roscoe Elementary10765 Strathern StSun ValleyRegularNoNo
716Roscomare Road Elementary2425 Roscomare RdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
717Rosemont Avenue Elementary421 North Rosemont AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
718Rosewood Avenue Elementary503 North Croft AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
719Rowan Avenue Elementary600 South Rowan AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
720Roy Romer Middle6501 Laurel Canyon BlvdNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
721Rudecinda Sepulveda Dodson Middle28014 Montereina DrRancho Palos VerdesRegularNoNo
722Russell Elementary1263 East Firestone BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
723Sal Castro Middle1575 West 2nd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
724Samuel Gompers Middle234 East 112th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
725San Antonio Continuation2861 Randolph StHuntington ParkOther - No
726San Antonio Elementary6222 State StHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
727San Fernando Elementary1130 Mott StSan FernandoRegularNoNo
728San Fernando Middle130 North Brand BlvdSan FernandoRegularNoNo
729San Fernando Senior High11133 O'melveny AveSan FernandoRegularNoNo
730San Gabriel Avenue Elementary8628 San Gabriel AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
731San Jose Street Elementary14928 Clymer StMission HillsRegularNoNo
732San Miguel Elementary9801 San Miguel AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
733San Pascual Avenue Elementary815 San Pascual AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
734San Pedro Senior High1001 West 15th StSan PedroRegularNoNo
735San Pedro Street Elementary1635 South San Pedro StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
736Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter1022 North Van Ness AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
737Santa Rosa Charter Academy3838 Eagle Rock BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
738Santee Education Complex1921 South Maple AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
739Sara Coughlin Elementary11035 Borden StPacoimaRegularNoNo
740Saticoy Elementary7850 Ethel AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
741Saturn Street Elementary5360 Saturn StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
742Sch For The Visual Arts And Humanities701 South Catalina StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
743Sch Of Communications, New Media And Technology At456 South Mathews StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
744Sch Of Engineering And Technology1200 Playa Del SolLos AngelesRegularNoNo
745Sch Of Law & Government At Roosevelt High456 South Mathews StLos AngelesRegular - No
746Sch Of Math And Science1200 Plaza Del SolLos AngelesRegularNoNo
747Sch Of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (st456 South Mathews StLos AngelesRegular - No
748Second Street Elementary1942 East Second StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
749Selma Avenue Elementary6611 Selma AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
750Serrania Avenue Elementary5014 Serrania AveWoodland HillsRegular - No
751Seventh Street Elementary1570 West Seventh StSan PedroRegularNoNo
752Seventy-fifth Street Elementary142 West 75th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
753Seventy-fourth Street Elementary2112 West 74th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
754Sharp Avenue Elementary13800 Pierce StArletaRegularNoNo
755Shenandoah Street Elementary2450 Shenandoah StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
756Sheridan Street Elementary416 North Cornwell StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
757Sherman Oaks Center For Enriched Studies18605 Erwin StResedaOtherNoNo
758Sherman Oaks Elementary14755 Greenleaf StSherman OaksRegular - No
759Shirley Avenue Elementary19452 Hart StResedaRegularNoNo
760Short Avenue Elementary12814 Maxella AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
761Sierra Park Elementary3170 Budau AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
762Sierra Vista Elementary4342 Alpha StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
763Simon Rodia Continuation2315 East 103rd StLos AngelesOther - No
764Sixth Avenue Elementary3109 Sixth AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
765Sixty-eighth Street Elementary612 West 68th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
766Sixty-first Street Elementary6020 South Figueroa StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
767Sixty-sixth Street Elementary6600 South San Pedro StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
768Social Justice Leadership Academy At Esteban E. To4211 Dozier StLos AngelesRegular - No
769Solano Avenue Elementary615 Solano AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
770Sophia T. Salvin Special Education Center1925 Budlong AveLos AngelesSpecial Ed. - No
771Soto Street Elementary1020 South Soto StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
772South Area Teacher Collaborative At South Region M6411 Orchard AveBellRegular - No
773South Area Teacher Collaborative At South Region M6411 Orchard AveBellRegular - No
774South East High2720 Tweedy BlvdSouth GateRegularNoNo
775South Gate Middle4100 Firestone BlvdSouth GateRegularNoNo
776South Gate Senior High3351 Firestone BlvdSouth GateRegularNoNo
777South Park Elementary8510 Towne AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
778South Region Elementary Sch #24500 Firestone BlvdLos AngelesRegular - No
779South Region Elementary Sch #71536 East 89th StLos AngelesRegular - No
780South Shores/csudh Visual And Performing Arts2060 West 35th StSan PedroOtherNoNo
781Southeast Middle2560 Tweedy BlvdSouth GateRegularNoNo
782Stagg Street Elementary7839 Amestoy AveVan NuysRegularNoNo
783Stanford Avenue Elementary2833 Illinois AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
784Stanford Primary Center3020 Kansas AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
785Stanley Mosk Elementary7335 Lubao AveCanoga ParkRegular - No
786State Street Elementary3211 Santa Ana StSouth GateRegularNoNo
787Stella Middle Charter Academy2636 Mansfield AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
788Stephen M. White Middle22102 South Figueroa StCarsonRegularNoNo
789Stonehurst Avenue Elementary9851 Stonehurst AveSun ValleyRegularNoNo
790Stoner Avenue Elementary11735 Braddock DrCulver CityRegularNoNo
791Stoney Point Continuation10010 De Soto AveChatsworthOther - No
792Strathern Street Elementary7939 St Clair AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
793Student Empowerment Academy1319 East 41st StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
794Sun Valley High9171 Telfair AveSun ValleyRegularNoNo
795Sun Valley Middle7330 Bakman AveSun ValleyRegularNoNo
796Sunland Elementary8350 Hillrose StSunlandRegularNoNo
797Sunny Brae Avenue Elementary20620 Arminta StWinnetkaRegularNoNo
798Sunrise Elementary2821 East Seventh StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
799Superior Street Elementary9756 Oso AveChatsworthRegularNoNo
800Susan Miller Dorsey Senior High3537 Farmdale AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
801Sven Lokrantz Special Education Center19451 Wyandotte StResedaSpecial Ed.NoNo
802Sylmar Elementary13291 Phillippi AveSylmarRegularNoNo
803Sylmar Senior High13050 Borden AveSylmarRegularNoNo
804Sylvan Park Elementary6238 Noble AveVan NuysRegularNoNo
805Synergy Charter Academy900 East 33rd StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
806Synergy Kinetic Academy104 West 47th PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoYes
807Taper Avenue Elementary1824 Taper AveSan PedroRegularNoNo
808Tarzana Elementary5726 Topeka DrTarzanaRegularNoNo
809Teach Academy Of Technologies9027 South Figueroa StLos AngelesRegular - Yes
810Telfair Avenue Elementary10975 Telfair AvePacoimaRegularNoNo
811Tenth Street Elementary1000 Grattan StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
812Teresa Hughes Elementary4242 Clara StCudahyRegularNoNo
813Third Street Elementary201 South June StLos AngelesRegular - No
814Thirty-second Street Usc Performing Arts822 West 32nd StLos AngelesOtherNoNo
815Thomas A. Edison Middle6500 Hooper AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
816Thomas Jefferson Senior High1319 East 41st StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
817Thomas Riley High1524 East 103rd StLos AngelesOther - No
818Thomas Starr King Middle4201 Fountain AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
819Thurgood Marshall Charter Middle3500 South Normandie AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
820Toland Way Elementary4545 Toland WayLos AngelesRegularNoNo
821Toluca Lake Elementary4840 Cahuenga BlvdNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
822Tom Bradley Environmental Science And Humanities M3875 Dublin AveLos AngelesOtherNoNo
823Topanga Learn-charter Elementary22075 Topanga School RdTopangaRegularNoYes
824Topeka Drive Elementary9815 Topeka DrNorthridgeRegular - No
825Towne Avenue Elementary18924 Towne AveCarsonRegularNoNo
826Tri-c Community Day716 East 14th St Second Fl.Los AngelesOther - No
827Trinity Street Elementary3736 Trinity StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
828Triumph Academy919 Eighth StSan FernandoRegularNoYes
829Triumph Charter High1218 Fourth StSan FernandoRegular - Yes
830Tulsa Street Elementary10900 Hayvenhurst AveGranada HillsRegularNoNo
831Tweedy Elementary9724 Pinehurst AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
832Twentieth Street Elementary1353 East 20th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
833Twenty-eighth Street Elementary2807 Stanford AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
834Twenty-fourth Street Elementary2055 West 24th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
835Two Hundred Thirty-second Place23240 Archibald AveCarsonRegularNoNo
836Ucla Community700 South Mariposa AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
837Ulysses S. Grant Senior High13000 Oxnard StVan NuysRegularNoNo
838Union Avenue Elementary150 South Burlington AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
839University Senior High11800 Texas AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
840Utah Street Elementary255 Gabriel Garcia Marquez StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
841Valerio Street Elementary15035 Valerio StVan NuysRegularNoNo
842Valley Alternative Magnet6701 Balboa BlvdVan NuysOtherNoNo
843Valley Charter Elementary16514 Nordhoff StNorth HillsRegular - Yes
844Valley Charter Middle4016 Goodland AveStudio CityRegular - Yes
845Valley Region Elementary Sch #129301 Columbus AveNorth HillsRegular - No
846Valley Region Elementary Sch #614859 Rayen StPanorama CityRegular - No
847Valley Region Elementary Sch #812441 Bromont AveSan FernandoRegular - No
848Valley Region Elementary Sch #96900 Calhoun AveVan NuysRegular - No
849Valley View Elementary6921 Woodrow Wilson DrLos AngelesRegularNoNo
850Valor Academy Charter8755 Woodman AvePacoimaRegularNoYes
851Van Deene Avenue Elementary826 West Javelin StTorranceRegularNoNo
852Van Gogh Street Elementary17160 Van Gogh StGranada HillsRegular - No
853Van Ness Avenue Elementary501 North Van Ness AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
854Van Nuys Elementary6464 Sylmar AveVan NuysRegularNoNo
855Van Nuys Middle5435 Vesper AveVan NuysRegularNoNo
856Van Nuys Senior High6535 Cedros AveVan NuysRegularYesNo
857Vanalden Avenue Elementary19019 Delano StResedaRegularNoNo
858Vaughn Next Century Lrn Center13330 Vaughn StSan FernandoRegularNoYes
859Vena Avenue Elementary9377 Vena AveArletaRegularNoNo
860Venice Senior High13000 Venice BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
861Verdugo Hills Senior High10625 Plainview AveTujungaRegularNoNo
862Vermont Avenue Elementary1435 West 27th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
863Vernon City Elementary2360 East Vernon AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
864Victoria Avenue Elementary3320 Missouri AveSouth GateRegularNoNo
865Victory Boulevard Elementary6315 Radford AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
866View Park Continuation4701 Rodeo RdLos AngelesOther - No
867View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter3751 West 54th StLos AngelesRegular - Yes
868View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter Middle5749 South Crenshaw BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoYes
869View Park Preparatory Accelerated High5701 South Crenshaw BlvdLos AngelesRegular - Yes
870Vine Street Elementary955 North Vine StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
871Vinedale Elementary10150 La Tuna Canyon RdSun ValleyRegularNoNo
872Vintage Math/science/technology Magnet15848 Stare StNorth HillsOtherNoNo
873Virgil Middle152 North Vermont AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
874Virginia Road Elementary2925 Virginia RdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
875Vista Charter Middle2900 West Temple StLos AngelesRegular - Yes
876Vista Middle15040 Roscoe BlvdPanorama CityRegularNoNo
877Wadsworth Avenue Elementary981 East 41st StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
878Walgrove Avenue Elementary1630 Walgrove AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
879Wallis Annenberg High4000 South Main StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
880Walnut Park Elementary2642 Olive StHuntington ParkRegularNoNo
881Walter Reed Middle4525 Irvine AveNorth HollywoodRegularNoNo
882Warner Avenue Elementary615 Holmby AveLos AngelesRegular - No
883Washington Irving Middle3010 Estara AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
884Washington Primary Center860 West 112th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
885Watts Lrn Center310 West 95th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
886Watts Lrn Center Charter Middle1265 East 112th StLos AngelesRegularNoYes
887Weigand Avenue Elementary10401 Weigand AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
888Welby Way Elementary23456 Welby WayWest HillsRegular - No
889West Adams Preparatory High1500 West Washington BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
890West Athens Elementary1110 West 119th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
891West Hollywood Elementary970 North Hammond StWest HollywoodRegularNoNo
892West Hollywood Opportunity1049 Fairfax AveWest HollywoodOther - No
893West Valley Special Education Center6649 Balboa BlvdVan NuysSpecial Ed. - No
894West Vernon Avenue Elementary4312 South Grand AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
895Westchester Senior High7400 West Manchester AveLos AngelesRegularNoNo
896Western Avenue Elementary1724 West 53rd StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
897Westminster Avenue Elementary1010 Abbott Kinney BlvdVeniceRegularNoNo
898Westport Heights Elementary6011 West 79th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
899Westside Innovative Sch House8820 Sepulveda EastwayLos AngelesRegular - Yes
900Westside Leadership Magnet104 Anchorage StMarina Del ReyOtherNoNo
901Westwood Elementary2050 Selby AveLos AngelesRegular - Yes
902White Point Elementary1410 Silvius AveSan PedroRegular - No
903Whitman Continuation7795 Rosewood AveLos AngelesOther - No
904Whitney Young Continuation3051 West 52nd StLos AngelesOther - No
905Wilbur Avenue Elementary5213 Crebs AveTarzanaRegular - No
906Will Rogers Continuation14711 Gilmore StVan NuysOther - No
907William And Carol Ouchi High5356 South Fifth AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
908William Howard Taft Senior High5461 Winnetka AveWoodland HillsRegularNoNo
909William Jefferson Clinton Middle3500 South Hill StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
910William Mulholland Middle17120 Vanowen StVan NuysRegularNoNo
911William R. Anton Elementary831 North Bonnie Beach PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
912William Tell Aggeler Opportunity High21050 Plummer StChatsworthOther - No
913Wilmington Middle1700 Gulf AveWilmingtonRegularNoNo
914Wilmington Park Elementary1140 Mahar AveWilmingtonRegularNoNo
915Wilshire Crest Elementary5241 West Olympic BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
916Wilshire Park Elementary4063 Ingraham StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
917Wilton Place Elementary745 South Wilton PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
918Windsor Hills Math Science5215 Overdale DrLos AngelesOtherNoNo
919Winnetka Avenue Elementary8240 Winnetka AveCanoga ParkRegularNoNo
920Wisdom Academy For Young Scientists706 East Manchester AveLos AngelesRegularNoYes
921Wonderland Avenue Elementary8510 Wonderland AveLos AngelesRegular - No
922Woodcrest Elementary1151 West 109th StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
923Woodlake Avenue Elementary23231 Hatteras StWoodland HillsRegular - No
924Woodland Hills Academy20800 Burbank BlvdWoodland HillsRegularNoNo
925Woodland Hills Elementary22201 San Miguel StWoodland HillsRegular - No
926Woodlawn Avenue Elementary6314 Woodlawn AveBellRegularNoNo
927Woodrow Wilson Senior High4500 Multnomah StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
928Yes Academy3140 Hyde Park BlvdLos AngelesRegularNoNo
929Yorkdale Elementary5657 Meridian StLos AngelesRegularNoNo
930Young Oak Kim Academy615 South Shatto PlaceLos AngelesRegularNoNo
931Youth Opportunities Unlimited915 West Manchester AveLos AngelesOther - No
932Zane Grey Continuation18230 Kittridge StResedaOther - No

Los Angeles Unified School District
2010 Demographics
Total Population4,541,134
White alone2,216,756
Black or African American alone448,543
American Indian and Alaska Native alone34,594
Asian alone483,171
Hispanic or Latino2,356,486
Housing Units

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