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Lynwood Unified School District in California

20 Schools in the district of LYNWOOD UNIFIED in California
 # School Name
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1Cesar Chavez Middle3898 Abbott RdLynwoodRegularNoNo
2Helen Keller Elementary3521 Palm AveLynwoodRegularNoNo
3Hosler Middle11300 Spruce StLynwoodRegularNoNo
4Janie P. Abbott Elementary5260 East Clark StLynwoodRegularNoNo
5Kaplan Academy Of Southern California840 Apollo StEl SegundoRegular - Yes
6Lincoln Elementary11031 State StLynwoodRegularNoNo
7Lindbergh Elementary3300 Cedar AveLynwoodRegularNoNo
8Lugo Elementary4345 Pendleton AveLynwoodRegularNoNo
9Lynwood High4050 East Imperial HwyLynwoodRegularNoNo
10Lynwood Middle12124 Bullis RdLynwoodRegularNoNo
11Marco Antonio Firebaugh High5246 Martin Luther King BlvdLynwoodRegularNoNo
12Mark Twain Elementary12315 Thorson AveLynwoodRegularNoNo
13Pathway Independent Study11300 Wright RdLynwoodOtherNoNo
14Roosevelt Elementary10835 Mallison AveLynwoodRegularNoNo
15Rosa Parks Elementary3900 Agnes StLynwoodRegularNoNo
16Thurgood Marshall Elementary3593 Martin Luther King BlvdLynwoodRegularNoNo
17Vista High (continuation)11300 Wright RdLynwoodOtherNoNo
18Washington Elementary4225 Sanborn AveLynwoodRegularNoNo
19Will Rogers Elementary11220 Duncan AveLynwoodRegularNoNo
20Wilson Elementary11700 School StLynwoodRegularNoNo

Lynwood Unified School District
2010 Demographics
Total Population68,397
White alone26,943
Black or African American alone6,464
American Indian and Alaska Native alone464
Asian alone444
Hispanic or Latino60,181
Housing Units

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