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Ravenswood City Elementary School District in California

10 Schools in the district of RAVENSWOOD CITY ELEMENTARY in California
 # School Name
Click for Details
1Aspire East Palo Alto Charter1286 Runnymede StEast Palo AltoRegularNoYes
2Belle Haven Elementary415 Ivy DrMenlo ParkRegularNoNo
3Cesar Chavez Elementary2450 Ralmar StEast Palo AltoRegularNoNo
4Costano Elementary2695 Fordham StEast Palo AltoRegularNoNo
5Edison-brentwood Elementary2086 Clarke StEast Palo AltoRegularNoYes
6Green Oaks Academy2450 Ralmar StEast Palo AltoRegularNoNo
7James Flood Elementary321 Sheridan DrMenlo ParkRegularNoNo
8Ronald Mcnair Academy2033 Pulgas AveEast Palo AltoRegularNoNo
9Stanford New Sch475 Pope StMenlo ParkRegularNoYes
10Willow Oaks Elementary620 Willow RdMenlo ParkRegularNoNo

Ravenswood City Elementary School District
2010 Demographics
Total Population34,992
White alone10,357
Black or African American alone6,001
American Indian and Alaska Native alone221
Asian alone1,283
Hispanic or Latino22,366
Housing Units

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