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Torrance Unified School District in California

31 Schools in the district of TORRANCE UNIFIED in California
 # School Name
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1Anza Elementary21400 Ellinwood DrTorranceRegularNoNo
2Arlington Elementary17800 Van Ness AveTorranceRegularNoNo
3Bert M. Lynn Middle5038 Halison StTorranceRegularNoNo
4Calle Mayor Middle4800 Calle MayorTorranceRegularNoNo
5Casimir Middle17220 Casimir AveTorranceRegularNoNo
6Edison Elementary3800 182nd StTorranceRegularNoNo
7Edward J. Richardson Middle23751 Nancy Lee LnTorranceRegularNoNo
8Evelyn Carr Elementary3404 West 168th StTorranceRegularNoNo
9Fern Elementary1314 Fern AveTorranceRegularNoNo
10Gene Drevno Community Day2291 West Washington AveTorranceOtherNoNo
11Hickory Elementary2800 West 227th StTorranceRegularNoNo
12Howard Wood Elementary2250 West 235th StTorranceRegularNoNo
13J. H. Hull Middle2080 West 231st StTorranceRegularNoNo
14Jefferson Middle21717 Talisman StTorranceRegularNoNo
15John Adams Elementary2121 238th StTorranceRegularNoNo
16Joseph Arnold Elementary4100 227th StTorranceRegularNoNo
17Lincoln Elementary2418 West 166th StTorranceRegularNoNo
18Madrona Middle21364 Madrona AveTorranceRegularNoNo
19North High3620 West 182nd StTorranceRegularNoNo
20Philip Magruder Middle4100 West 185th StTorranceRegularNoNo
21Riviera Elementary365 Paseo De ArenaTorranceRegularNoNo
22Seaside Elementary4651 Sharynne LnTorranceRegularNoNo
23Shery (kurt T.) High (continuation)2600 Vine StTorranceOtherNoNo
24South High4801 Pacific Coast HwyTorranceRegularNoNo
25Torrance Elementary2125 Lincoln AveTorranceRegularNoNo
26Torrance High2200 Carson StTorranceRegularNoNo
27Towers Elementary5600 Towers StTorranceRegularNoNo
28Victor Elementary4820 Spencer StTorranceRegularNoNo
29Walteria Elementary24456 Madison StTorranceRegularNoNo
30West High20401 Victor StTorranceRegularNoNo
31Yukon Elementary17815 Yukon AveTorranceRegularNoNo

Torrance Unified School District
2010 Demographics
Total Population145,100
White alone74,101
Black or African American alone3,956
American Indian and Alaska Native alone552
Asian alone50,163
Hispanic or Latino23,403
Housing Units

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