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Wiseburn Elementary School District in California

6 Schools in the district of WISEBURN ELEMENTARY in California
 # School Name
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1Da Vinci Design13500 Aviation BlvdHawthorneRegular - Yes
2Da Vinci Science13500 Aviation BlvdHawthorneRegular - Yes
3Juan Cabrillo Elementary5309 West 135th StHawthorneRegularNoNo
4Juan De Anza Elementary12110 Hindry AveHawthorneRegularNoNo
5Peter Burnett Elementary5403 West 138th StHawthorneRegularNoNo
6Richard Henry Dana Middle5504 West 135th StHawthorneRegularNoNo

Wiseburn Elementary School District
2010 Demographics
Total Population12,490
White alone7,907
Black or African American alone577
American Indian and Alaska Native alone54
Asian alone1,236
Hispanic or Latino5,049
Housing Units

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