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Results for ZIP Code 75050
Map of ZIP Code
Campaign Contributors  Carrier Routes  Climate Averages  Income Tax  
Nearest Mailing House  NonProfits   Public Schools  Street Names  
StateTexas (TX)
Type of ZIP CodeStandard   Map of ZIP Code
Last 30 Days Home Sales in ZIP27   Average Price $152,000 Click here for list
Businesses in ZIP2,083   Click here for list
Population (2010) of ZIP 41,041
USPS Residential Deliveries in ZIP 8,940
USPS Business Deliveries in ZIP 1,912
USPS Apartment Deliveries in ZIP 7,142
USPS PO Box Deliveries in ZIP 0
Area Code972
Time Zone (Local Time)Central ( 4/28/2017 8:54:47 AM )
County Name (FIPS)
County Seat
DALLAS (48113 ) 69.1% Addresses in County
DALLAS  In-Out Flow  Economy
County Name (FIPS)
County Seat
TARRANT (48439 ) 30.9% Addresses in County
FORT WORTH  In-Out Flow  Economy
Earthquake HazardVery Low
PO Office #1Fountain
505 Fountain Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

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