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Results for ZIP Code 76262
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StateTexas (TX)
Type of ZIP CodeStandard   Map of ZIP Code
Alternate City NameKELLER
Alternate City NameNORTHLAKE
USPS Preferred City NameROANOKE
Alternate City NameTROPHY CLUB
Alternate City NameWESTLAKE
Businesses in ZIP1,088   Click here for list
Population (2010) of ZIP 27,648
USPS Residential Deliveries in ZIP 11,774
USPS Business Deliveries in ZIP 1,105
USPS Apartment Deliveries in ZIP 2,758
USPS PO Box Deliveries in ZIP 690
Area Code817
Time Zone (Local Time)Central ( 2/24/2018 7:35:36 PM )
County Name (FIPS)DENTON (48121 ) 69.9% Addresses in County  Map
County Name (FIPS)TARRANT (48439 ) 30.1% Addresses in County  Map
Earthquake HazardVery Low
PO Office #1Roanoke
516 E Byron Nelson Blvd
Roanoke, TX 76262

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