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ZIP Code 76021

Results for ZIP Code 76021
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StateTexas (TX)
Type of ZIP CodeStandard
USPS Preferred City NameBEDFORD
Last 30 Days Home Sales in ZIP34        Average Price   $285,000   Click here for list
Businesses in ZIP 1,393  Click here for list
Population (2010) of ZIP 33,673
USPS Residential Deliveries in ZIP 15,968
USPS Business Deliveries in ZIP 888
Area Code817
Time ZoneCentral (4/23/2018 12:48:49 AM)
County Name (FIPS)
County Seat
TARRANT ( 48439 ) 100.0% ZIP in County
Delivery Post Office (P)BEDFORD
1300 Harwood Rd
Bedford, TX 76021-4516

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