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226 Nonprofit organizations in Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
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Academy Of Applied Myofunctional Sciences03$10,796$32,870
Afghanistan Tv03  
Albert And Joan Dorman Family Foundation03$920,063$48,314
American Conference On Oriental Rugs03  
American Foundation For Contemporary Iranian Art03  
American Friends Of The Dino Ciani Festival And Academy03  
American Killifish Association Inc07$93,424$17,626
American Legion Auxiliary19  
American Legion Auxiliary19  
American Medical Research Foundation03  
American Vietnamese Reconciliation Project Inc03  
Atr Publications03  
Baja Coastal Institute Inc03  
Benjamin Creme Museum Of Art03  
Bennett Foundation03$6,987,822$1,372,056
Beth And Ken Karmin Family Foundation03$97,670$4,297
Bill And Trudy Rutledge Foundation03$65,452$5,511
Black Swan Charitable Foundation03$696,402$575,659
C R Stevenson Family Foundation03$1,104,724$62,774
California Riviera Home Owners Association04$281,084$130,304
California Small Business Roundtable Inc06$90,184$73,725
Calvary Christian School Foundation03$1,947,128$565,183
Calvary Church Of Pacific Palisades03  
Cappy And Beth Rothman Family Foundation Inc03$962,374$205,249
Castellammare Mesa Homeowners Inc04  
Chabad Of Pacific Palisades Inc03  
Chamber Music Palisades Inc03$29,466$52,102
Charles G And Jessie R Cale Foundation03$3,106,543$775,255
Chelsea Soccer Club Los Angeles03  
Christian Church Of Pacific Palisades Inc03  
Cody Family Foundation03$1,293,712$613,657
Community Action Inc03  
Community Service Live03  
Corpus Christi Church03  
Counseling Partners Of Los Angeles03$34,317$204,716
Curing Childhood Cancer03$1,010$280
Dakini Land Foundation03  
Dandora Area Wellness Alliance For Life Maisha-dawa Inc03$16,144$229,598
David & Beatrice S Kugel Foundation Inc03$23,593 
De Kernion Family Foundation03$565,938$16,541
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International06  
Delta Theta Tau Sorority08  
Dollies Making A Difference Inc03  
Donald Goodman Family Foundation03$716,153$543,624
Dorothy Collins Brown Charitable Foundation03$548,399$831,784
Dynamic Family Domestic Fraternity03  
Earth Service Inc03$28,642$61,000
Enlyst Fund Inc03$4,697,226$924,659
Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation03$43,779$140,494
Eugene Birnbaum Foundation Inc03$161,444$109,499
Everychild Foundation03$2,022,619$1,183,366
F P Kendall Foundation03$333,922$63,622
Fathfully Yours Foundation03  
Foundation For Craniofacial Surgery03$2,639,050$659,896
Foundation For Psycho-cultural Research03$11,915,709$2,323,347
Francis D & Irene D Griffin Foundation03$1,108,412$102,777
Free & Accepted Masons Of California10$4,363,312$289,093
Friends Of Film03  
Friends Of Marquez03$649,406$776,538
Friends Of The Ulysses Theaters Inc03  
Friends Of Villa Aurora Inc03$3,910,677$428,752
Friendship Circle Of The West Coast03$2,489$16,916
Getting Better Foundation03$897,388$183,575
Global Action Through Fashion03  
Global Friendship Through Space Education03  
Growgood Inc03$142,672$245,772
H & K Argyropoulos Foundation03  
Hacker Family Charitable Foundation03$11,453$136
Harris C Jeffer Foundation03$516,617$25,253
Herbert K Cummings Charitable Trust03$1,323,195$583,466
Historic Italian Hall Foundation03$1,024,475$1,375,636
Historical Research Foundation03  
Holy Cross Lutheran Church03  
Infant Stimulation Systems Inc03  
Inspiration Mars Foundation03$1,055$7,000
Institute For Viking & North Atlantic Studies03$40,742$7,277
Institute Of Regenerative And Cellular Medicine03$3,854$40,470
Itanner Foundation03$68,451$83,062
James H And Wanda E Dewald Family Foundation03$34,162$39
Jan M Halphens Upon This Rock Television Ministry Inc03  
Jay C & Freya Miller Foundation03$56,546($839)
Jerusalem Armenian Benevolent Union Of America03$15,422$3,394
Jessica M Berman Memorial Foundation03  
June Irene Chiltern Healey Foundation03$2,310,824$1,853,090
Kamenir Foundation Inc03$522,599$193,302
Kathryn Naficy Pancreatic Research Foundation Inc03  
Kehillat Israel Reconstructionist Congregation Of Pacific Palisades03  
Kenneth J & Marilynn J Friedman Family Foundation03$71,693$53,410
Kidney Centre Post Graduate Training Institute03  
Kissick Family Foundation03$29,935,723$4,252,829
Knights Of Columbus08  
Knights Of Columbus08  
Konowiecki Family Foundation03$1,150,397$3,017,651
L And D Longo Family Foundation03$607,077$130,750
Langley Research Institute03  
Las Doradas03$6,061$38,870
Learning Community03$1,520$14,000
Leonardt Foundation03$1,718,073$210,810
Los Angeles Audubon Society Inc03$244,938$445,221
Los Angeles Lacrosse League03$127,129$117,154
Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera03  
Lutheran Church Of The Palisades03  
Lyric Theatre Foundation03$1,059$6,200
Majendra Memorial Fund Inc03  
Malibu Global Awareness Inc03$6,861$2,600
Malibu Orchid Society Inc03  
Mariners Outreach Foundation03  
Marquez Knolls Property Owners Association Inc04  
Marshall Iii And Sheri Rockwell Foundation03$254,408$113
Monument To Humanity Research & Learning Center Inc03$134,591$38
Mother Company Foundation03  
Mountain And Glacier Protection Org03  
Movies In The Park-pacific Palisades Inc03  
Mysore Medical College Graduates Association Of North America03$419,330$28,102
Nabizada Foundation03  
Nancy E Barry & Letitia P Rees Foundation03$3,059,380$288,131
National Charity League Inc Westside Chapter03$75,822$72,371
National League Of Young Men Inc03  
Never Forget Our Veterans Foundation03  
New Enforcement Impacting Oceans Global Food Security Climate Medic03  
Ombience Inc03  
Our Children La03  
Pacific Film Foundation03  
Pacific Palisades Business Improvement District Inc06$87,915$150,886
Pacific Palisades Chamber Of Commerce06$88,474$204,831
Pacific Palisades Civic League Inc04  
Pacific Palisades Community Council03  
Pacific Palisades Garden Club Inc03  
Pacific Palisades Historical Society Inc03  
Pacific Palisades Library Association03$1,081,999$369,755
Pacific Palisades Republican Club Inc04  
Pacific Palisades Residents Association Inc03  
Pacific Palisades Task Force On Homelessness03  
Pacific Palisades Womans Club03$691,426$286,476
Pacific View Association04  
Pali Bee03  
Palisades Alliance For Seniors03  
Palisades Americanism Parade Association Inc03$120,962$181,777
Palisades Beautiful Corporation03  
Palisades Cares03  
Palisades Charter High School03$17,162,007$32,829,154
Palisades Charter Schools Foundation03  
Palisades Enrichment Programs A Non Profit Corporation03$720,481$902,305
Palisades High School Booster Club Inc03$131,396$538,066
Palisades Jewish Early Childhood Center Chabad Inc03$520,434$843,017
Palisades Pride Inc03$121,892$44,474
Palisades Symphony Orchestra03$64,275$33,455
Palisades Village Green Committee03  
Palisades Will Rogers 5 & 10 K Run Foundation03$40,099$200,232
Parrot International03$598$44,711
Patart Kates Foundation Inc03$142,458$43,085
Paul Kehrer Family Foundation03$368,014$43,152
Paulist Pictures03  
Pet Pride03$2,777,796$956,823
Primary Purpose Productions03  
Professional Life Guard Foundation03  
Profmex Consortium For Research On Mexico03$55$73,631
Protect Our Winters03$725,068$1,010,221
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03  
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03  
Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc03$126,832$153,964
Pure Light Foundation03  
Rector Wardens & Vestrymen Of St Matthews Parish03  
Reel Change Inc03  
Richard F Dwyer - Eleanor W Dwyer Fund For Excellence03$5,915,763$2,139,068
Robert And Valerie Mendez Family Foundation03$20$361,160
Robert J Stoller Foundation03$7,286$1
Robert Lemelson And Susan Morse Lemelson Family Foundation03$643,422$16,420
Robert Lemelson Foundation03$6,680,746$5,028,686
Rocky Dawuni Foundation03  
Rotary International04$9,080$33,686
Russell Foundation03$325,620$1
S P I R A L Foundation03$23,681$26,743
S T A R S03$22,628$86,577
Salser Family Foundation 12239403$1,763,521$225,601
Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society03  
Santa Ynez Recreational Center Inc07$614,396$389,012
Sarah Ketterer Family Foundation03$17,744,432$2,680,923
Save A Life A Day Inc03  
Selfquest Educational Foundation03  
Serenity Trauma Foundation03$46,666$81,542
Seven Arrows Elementary School03$4,633,134$5,267,057
Sherrill Foundation03$2,007$122,708
Smart Beginnings Easy Preventions03  
Southern Skis07$21,474$18,782
Speak Up Foundation03  
Sports Travel Foundation03$14,189$4,755
Springbok Cares Corporation03  
St Matthews Music Guild03$199,166$194,355
Steaven K And Judith G Jones Foundation03$83,483$227,655
Summers Family Foundation03$406,535$72,844
Sunset Beach Partners Inc03  
Super Elite Soccer Foundation03$34,965 
Surgeons Of The Earth03$20,890$1
Temescal Canyon Association03  
Tending The Needs03  
The Bernard And Shirley Kinsey Foundation For Arts And Education03$126,285$153,406
The Charles & Carol Smith Foundation03$114,079$45,102
The Group03$46,263$49,039
The Myelin Project03$324,684$196,379
The Noble Academy03$39 
The Polinger-cohen Charitable Foundation03$559,832$20,240
The Rotary Club Of Pacific Palisades Foundation03  
Theatre Palisades03$1,152,700$159,959
Track & Field Athletes Association Inc04$74,651$15,294
Tunesmap Educational Foundation Inc03  
United World Of The Universe Foundation03$1$1,021,042
Unycyn Civic Arts03  
Used Pets Inc03  
Van Konynenburg Foundation03$6,457,879$3,239,759
Vets Whole In One Inc03  
Village School Inc03$37,034,704$10,953,354
Westside Waldorf School03$4,569,248$5,564,148
Will Rogers Ranch Foundation03$192,283$145,551
Women Founders Education Foundation03  
Women Helping Youth03$45,574$135,304
World Yoga Power03  
Yankee Doodle Society03  
Your Palisades Park Improvement Corporation03  
Zanbeel Art03  
Total $212,055,000$104,959,500

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