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Address Status Codes
AS01Address VerifiedThe address is valid and deliverable.
AS02Default AddressThe default building address was verified but the suite or apartment number is missing or invalid.
AS03NON-USPS AddressThis address is served by FedEx, UPS and NOT the USPS.
AS09Foreign AddressAddress in a non-supported country.
AS10CMRA AddressAddress is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) like the UPS Store. These addresses include a Private Mail Box (PMB or #) number. U.S. only.
AS13Address UpdatedLACSLink updated the address from a rural-style (RR 1 Box 2) to a city-style address (123 Main St).
AS14Suite AppendedSuiteLink appended a suite number using the address and company name.
AS15Apartment AppendedAddressPlus appended an apartment number using the address and name.
AS16Vacant AddressAddress has been unoccupied for more than 90 days.
AS17No Mail DeliveryAddress does not receive mail at this time.
AS18DPV ErrorCall 1-800-Melissa Tech Support for assistance.
AS20USPS Delivery OnlyUPS and FedEx do not deliver to this address.
AS22No SuggestionNo suggested alternatives were found.
AS23Extraneous InformationInformation found in the street address was not used for verification.
Address Error Codes
AE01Postal CodeThe ZIP or Postal Code does not exist and could not be determined by the city/municipality and state/province.
AE02Unknown StreetThe street name was not found.
AE03ComponentEither the directionals (N, E, SW, etc) or the suffix (AVE, ST, BLVD) are missing or invalid.
AE04Non-DeliverableThe physical location exists but there are no addresses on this side of the street.
AE05Multiple MatchInput matched to multiple addresses and there is not enough information to break the tie.
AE06Early Warning SystemThis address cannot be verified now but will be at a future date.
AE07Minimum AddressThe required combination of address/city/state or address/zip is missing.
AE08Suite/Apartment InvalidThe suite or apartment number is not valid.
AE09Suite/Apartment MissingThe suite or apartment number is missing.
AE10House/Building Number InvalidThe address number in the input address is not valid.
AE11House/Building Number MissingThe address number in the input address is missing.
AE12Box Number InvalidThe input address box number is invalid.
AE13Box Number MissingThe input address box number is missing.
AE14PMB number MissingThe address is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) and the Private Mail Box (PMB or #) number is missing.
AE15Demo ModeLimited to Demo Mode operation.
AE16Expired DatabaseThe Database has expired.
AE17Suite/Apartment Not RequiredAddress does not have Suites or Apartments.
AE18Extraneous InformationExtra information found in address.
AE19Find Suggestion TimeoutFindSuggestion function has exceeded time limit.
AE20Find Suggestion DisabledFindSuggestion function is disabled, see manual for details.
Address Change Codes
AC01ZIP CodeThe ZIP Code was changed or added.
AC02StateThe State abbreviation was changed or added.
AC03CityThe City name was changed or added.
AC04Base/AlternateThe USPS changed the address.
AC05Alias NameThe USPS changed the street name.
AC06Address SwapAddress1 and Address2 were swapped.
AC07Address1 & Company SwapAddress1 and Company were swapped.
AC08Plus4The Plus 4 code was changed.
AC09UrbanizationThe Puerto Rico Urbanization code was changed.
AC10Street NameThe street name was changed.
AC11SuffixThe street suffix abbreviation (st, rd, blvd) was changed.
AC12DirectionalThe street pre or post directional (n, sw, e) was changed.
AC13Suite/Apartment NameThe suite or aparment name (apt, ste) was changed.
AC14Suite Range ChangeThe secondary unit number was changed or appended.

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