Name Object

Parse Names, Determine Gender, & Flag Vulgar Words

Create personalized messages and identify the gender makeup of your database with Name Object. Name Object, available as a multiplatform API or Web service, will parse full names and multiple names into five components: Prefix, First, Middle or Initial, Last, and Suffix. Name Object recognizes 530,000 last names & 132,000 first names so you can correct misspelled name like “Jonh” to “John” or apply a gender code to each record in your database.


  • Increase response rates with personalized salutations
  • Reduce waste on fraudulent entries
  • Customizable – add your own names
  • Remake marketing campaigns according to gender


  • Recognize 530,000 last names & 132,000 first names
  • Free unlimited technical support
  • Flag inappropriate words
  • Detect company names in the name field
  • Add casing for company names
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.
  • 120-Day ROI Guarantee. Details here.

Name Object - Parse, Correct and Genderize Names

Full, Dual, Inverse and Mixed First Name Parsing

Name Object takes full names, such as “John James Smith” and breaks them into five components. In addition to Full Name parsing, Name Object can also parse:

  • Dual Names: Mr. and Mrs. John and Mary Smith Jr.
  • Inverse Names: Smith Jr., Mr. John James
  • Mixed First and Mixed Last: Mr. John L. and Smith, Jr. (when a field is not consistently populated with one format)
  • Apply a Gender Code to Each Name

Name Object will indicate the gender of the person in your database or mailing list based on first name. For instance:

  • “James” returns an “M” for male
  • I“Cheryl” returns an “F” for female
  • “Chris” and Tracy” – which can be either male or female – returns an “N” for neutral

However, you can assign a gender to otherwise neutral names by changing the “gender bias” and “assignment aggression” properties or by overriding the Name Object name database.

Catch Vulgar Words that Lead to Waste and Fraud

Name Object will also flag names containing possible vulgar words, nuisance names, and associated company words to help you screen out possible hoaxes and pranks.

Add Casing for Company Names

Name Object recognizes Company Names (using a special table to understand what are words and what are acronyms in company names) and returns them in Upper or Lower case.

Create Custom Salutations

Once you’ve parsed your names, identified gender, and removed non-name or bogus records, Name Object can create the desired custom salutations based on the salutation format you want to use, for instance Formal, Informal, default Slug, etc.

Name Object is also available as part of the Data Quality Suite also includes Email, Address and Phone Objects.

Available as a multi-platform API with libraries for:

  • Windows 2003/2008/7/Vista
  • Red Hat
  • Solaris
  • SPARC platform
  • AIX
  • Power
  • rs/6000
  • PPC
  • HPUX
  • Itanium
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