Phone Object

Improve U.S. & Canadian Telemarketing Campaigns

Phone Object, available as a multiplatform API or Web service allows custom applications and Web sites to verify phone numbers, update area codes, and append data about the phone number. Reduce data entry errors, enhance telemarketing results and improve productivity with valid, up-to-date phone numbers.

To verify phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada, choose the North American Edition. For international numbers, select the World Edition that offers support for over 200 countries and territories.


  • Increase staff productivity by only calling verified numbers
  • Promote call center efficiency and data accuracy
  • Lessen fraud and database errors
  • Improve business intelligence by mapping your customers' locations

Phone Object World Addition - Verify, and GeoCode Phone Numbers

Phone Object is also available as part of the Data Quality Suite which also includes Email, Address and Name Objects.

The North American Edition of Phone Object verifies and updates U.S. and Canadian phone numbers, validates toll-free numbers, identifies numbers as business, residential, landline, cell phone, and more.


  • Verify the accuracy of U.S. and Canadian numbers
  • Parse phone numbers into component parts (area code, prefix, number)
  • Update area codes changed due to a split or overlay
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.
  • 120-Day ROI Guarantee. Details here.

Phone Object North American Edition - Enrich, Update, and GeoCode Phone Numbers

Reduce Data Entry Errors

Phone Object can help reduce data entry errors by detecting invalid area code and prefix + 1 combinations (7 digits). It can also verify the entire 10-digit phone number for listed numbers 6 months or older.

Identify and Validate Toll-Free Numbers

Phone Object includes data on over 170,000 toll-free numbers (800, 866, 877, and 888) and can do a full 10-digit validation plus identify the type of owner (business, residence, or home office).

Append Geographic and Demographic Information

Because phone numbers are area specific, Phone Object will also append additional geographic information such as location latitude/longitude, time zone, city, state, ZIP, and county. Phone Object also appends valuable demographic information such as cell, landline, VOIP and residence, business, or home office.

Additional tools allow you to calculate distance from a phone number’s wire center to another phone number or ZIP Code.

The World Edition of Phone Object takes a phone number and a country and determines whether the number is valid for the region, or it can take a phone number alone, and determine what county the number is from by recognizing the international access code.


  • Verify phone numbers in over 249+ countries and regions of the world
  • Determine the country-of-origin from international access codes
  • Geocode for 40+ countries
  • Available as a multiplatform API
  • Includes unlimited technical support

Phone Object World Addition - Verify, and GeoCode Phone Numbers

Available as a multi-platform API with libraries for:

  • Windows 2003/2008/7/Vista
  • Red Hat
  • Solaris
  • SPARC platform
  • AIX
  • Power
  • rs/6000
  • PPC
  • HPUX
  • Itanium
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