Property Service

Property and Mortgage Data on Over 140 Million U.S. Properties

The Property Web service provides valuable access to comprehensive property and mortgage data for over 140 million records. With 12 main categories and 165 information fields available, it’s easy to customize your property lists by owner information, property values, current sale information, and much more!

It’s an ideal tool for investors, lenders, real estate professionals, insurance agents, and others who want to capture new sales leads and market to prospects.

Simply pass an address key (ZIP+4™ + Delivery Point), or the APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number) and County FIPS—Federal Information Processing Standard code) and get back detailed property information.

  • Improve mortgage transaction cycle time & cost efficiency
  • Identify real estate trends & neighborhood characteristics
  • Get weekly updates
  • Supports multiple protocols including JSON, SOAP, XML, and REST
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.
  • Available as a convenient plugin for Salesforce, Excel, and SQL Server
  • Parcel Information (FIPS, APN, Lat/Long, Tract, Tax Code Area, Zoning, No. Buildings)
  • Property Address Information
  • Owner Information (Name and Phone)
  • Owner Mail Address Information
  • Values Information (Calculated, Accessed, Appraised Land/Value/Improvement/Marketing)
  • Current Sale Information (Recording, Sale Data/Price/Name, Title Company)
  • Current Trust Deed Information (Mortgage, Deed and Lender Information)
  • Prior Sale Information
  • Lot/Land Information (Footage, Lot and Acreage)
  • Square Footage Information (Universal, Building, Living, Ground, Garage)
  • Building Information (Year Built, No. Bedrooms/Baths, AC, Bldg. Code, Condition, Garage, Construction, Heating, Fireplace, Parking, Pool, Roof, Utilities)
For a complete list of data available, click here.

Property service is available as a free plugin to these platforms so you can clean, update, and enrich your customer contact data fast and easy.

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Property And Mortgage Data On Over 140 Million U.S. Properties Upload a sample of your data for a free analysis