Update Area Codes & Reduce Data Entry Errors

This unique telephone area code and prefix database provides the most up-to-date phone number information for the U.S. and Canada. Use it with your custom applications to maintain and update your telemarketing database, link phone numbers to geographic data, and set up a dealer locator system for your customers.


  • Increase U.S & Canadian phone number accuracy
  • Reduce keystrokes during data entry
  • Update your phone data & reach more customers


  • Automatically correct area codes
  • Available as a download
  • Updated quarterly
  • Links area code/prefix to postal codes
  • Automatically corrects area codes
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.

Data Returned

Postal Code, Municipality, Province, Area Code and Overlay, Latitude and Longitude, Time Zone and Daylight Savings Time (DST, U.S. only) .

Fone*Data Return Sample

No Surprise with New Area Codes

Use FONE*Data to avoid the frustration that occurs when area codes change or split. Each quarterly update of FONE*Data contains the existing, or old area codes, along with the new area codes scheduled to replace them. You’ll be talking to your customers while the competition is calling 411 for the new numbers.

Powerful Programmer’s Tool

FONE*Data provides an excellent way to add valuable marketing and location data to your existing records based on telephone numbers. Give your custom programs the ability to relate area code and prefix data to location information like city, state, county, time zone, and latitude and longitude coordinates.

Improve customer service and increase accuracy by writing an application that uses a customer’s phone number to automatically insert the correct city and state combination into each database record. FONE*Data also contains valuable Metropolitan Statistical Area to help you better target your customers.

Cross Reference Area Codes and ZIP Codes

FONE*Data also allows you to match up telephone numbers to ZIP Code™ data. The database includes up to three commonly used ZIP codes for each area code and prefix combination. Although there is no exact match between ZIP codes and telephone numbers, it allows for estimated geographical associations.

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