Link Addresses to Geographic & Demographic Data to the ZIP+4

Create your own dynamic duo using your custom program and the raw source data in Geo*Data for precision marketing, dealer location lookup programs, and customer modeling applications – complete with latitude and longitude coordinates.


  • Fine-tune sales & marketing strategy based on geo data
  • Identify common traits of your best customers
  • Target consumers by exact locality


  • Append latitude and longitude data
  • Calculate distance between any two locations
  • Append Census Tract, Block numbers, and County FIPS codes
  • Create custom lookup routines
  • Quarterly updates provide current ZIP+4 data
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.

All the Data You Need to Expand Marketing Opportunities

Use Geo*Data to append longitude & latitude coordinates to use with mapping and distance applications to pinpoint customer clusters, refine sales territories, or provide customers with the business locations closest to them.

Append census tract and block numbers to link the addresses in your list to 2010 Census demographics to identify your best customers and find more like them.

Geo*Data return chart

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