Master Address Table (MAT)

Unlock Location-Related Insight On Every Address in the U.S. and Canada

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Looking for a verified and standardized database of every address in your City, County, Town, Province, Postal Code or ZIP Code, including apartment/suite numbers and PO Boxes? Look no further.

The Master Address Table (MAT) contains accurate and detailed information on more than 190 million US addresses, including more than 2 million non-USPS® addresses (i.e. physical addresses that USPS does not deliver to). In addition to the street addresses, MAT also provides geographic information (rooftop latitude/longitude, census tract/block number, county name and FIPS code) - ideal for analytics, mapping, and logistics applications.

What Makes Master Address Table (MAT) Unique?

Each U.S. and Canadian address is assigned a Melissa Address Key (MAK), which is a 10-digit number that never changes. Much like a barcode or ISBN, this address key identifies a discrete physical street address and aligns a multitude of additional information associated with each particular address, including detailed geographic information. When your purchase the Master Address Table, you know you have ALL of the valid addresses within a given area, and no matter how the addresses change, or if new addresses become available – you know exactly what the changes are.

Master Address Table (MAT) is a boon to the first responder community – imagine a complete database of residential and business addresses that is easily accessible by fire departments or 911 emergency call centers to quickly identify an address and ensure help reaches the correct location immediately.

Additional uses of the Master Address Table include optimizing route planning, resource allocation, analytics, utilities management (water/gas/waste), and risk assessment.

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Get the Address Data that Fits Your Needs

You can select the search parameters to fit your needs. For instance, get all the address data associated with a congressional district, school district, ZIP Code or group of ZIP Codes, Cities, Counties, States, or any shape-based search. You can obtain a collection of street address data as a onetime purchase, or on a subscription basis where updates (new or changed addresses) are provided monthly.


Pricing starts at as little as $15/M. You can add geocode info (lat/long and associated geographic data) for only $12/M. Your purchase includes monthly changes for the first year. Ask us about our monthly and quarterly updates.


  • Subscription includes quarterly updates with adds, deletes, and changes
  • Customizable selecting – ZIP Code, City, Town, County, State, Province, Postal Code, Voting District or any shape-based search
  • Obtain the latitude and longitude of an address, census tract/block number, county and address type (business or residence)
  • Melissa Address Key™ (MAK) is a 10-digit persistent key for every address in the U.S. & Canada
  • Universe of more than 190 million US addresses including PO Boxes, Apartments & Suites

Find out what MAT can do for your organization, whether you’re in waste management planning routes or a nonprofit searching for greater donor tracking.