Verify 5-digit ZIP Codes at point-of-entry

ZIP*Data will save you time and improve data entry accuracy by instantly verifying a 5-digit ZIP Code™ at point-of-entry and automatically adding the city and state. ZIP*Data also appends latitude and longitude coordinates and census demographics, giving you the marketing data you need to profile customers, pinpoint markets, and increase sales.


  • Reduce keystrokes and increase data entry accuracy
  • Provide customers with closest dealer information
  • Pinpoints & profiles customer locations
  • Improve data entry accuracy
  • Profile your customers


  • Verify 5-digit ZIP and add city and state
  • Append lat/long and census demographics
  • Targets ZIPs in a radius from a central point
  • Appends 46 census data variables
  • Monthly & quarterly update subscriptions
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.

ZIP*Data Variables

With ZIP*Data, you can append dozens of variables to your records:

  1. ZIP/County Database

    • ZIP
    • FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) Code
    • County Name
    • Percentage of Deliverable Addresses in County FIPS code for a ZIP
    • Count (number of records used to determine the percentage)

  2. ZIP Code Database

    • ZIP, State, City, City Abbreviation
    • Latitude & Longitude coordinate
    • County FIPS & County Name
    • Dominate Area Code (the 3-digit telephone area code)
    • ZIP Type (ZIP Code for PO Boxes, Unique ZIP Code, APO/FPO ZIP Code, Standard ZIP Code
    • Last Line Indicator ("L" indicates city name is official USPS® name for ZIP)
    • Facility Code (Airport Mail Facility; Branch; Community Post Office; Area Distribution Center; Sectional Center Facility; Delivery Distribution Center; General Mail Facility; Bulk Mail Center; Money Order Unit; Community Name, Former Postal Facility or Place Name; Post Office; Station; Urbanization; Unapproved Mailing Name)
    • Finance Number (main Post Office that serves a city)
    • CBSA (Core Based Statistical Area) Code, Title, Status, Division, Division Title, Division Status
    • Organization Name
    • Residential/Business Deliveries (number of active deliveries to these addresses)
    • Residential/Business PO Boxes (number of active deliveries to these PO boxes)
    • Total Population for Zip Code
    • Population of White, African American, Indian Alaska Native, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic Multiple Race, Other
    • Median Age
    • Median Age Male/Female
    • Education Level (Nine or Less, Some High School, High School Graduate, College No Diploma, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, Graduate Degree)
    • Median Household Income
    • Per Capita Income
    • Median Home Value

ZIP*Data also appends latitude and longitude coordinates giving you the geographic marketing data you need to increase sales, pinpoint markets and grow your business Upload a sample of your data for a free analysis