Data Quality & Big Data

Why Contact Data Quality is Important

Why Contact Data Quality is Important for Big Data

Big data has now become an essential part of the analytic landscape (research analysis, predictive analysis, etc.) in fields as diverse as healthcare, finance, social media, risk management, and customer profiling . Yet many companies, despite big data's growing importance, cannot guarantee the quality of this data; surveys indicate that more than 50% of IT leaders doubt the validity of their own data. Improving big data quality is now imperative if companies expect to derive authoritative and profitable results from their data

What's the strategy for improving big data quality?

Cleaning up big data is more important than ever because of the central role that analytics plays in business today. The strategy includes data validation and correction against reference datasets, and extracting entities/data points from the unstructured big data. In the end, the reliability of analytics derived from big data needs to be based on authoritative sources.

What are the benefits of big data quality?

  1. Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customer. Ensure that analytics, visualizations, and reports are based on current and clean contact data such as address and identity data. Plus, add additional relevant data and deliver knowledge bases that will help with analytics for a specific customer.

  2. Monetize Data. Sell enriched and de-identified data sets to external marketing customers. Accurate address and geocoding data, for example, are ideal for targeted, geographical marketing.

  3. Streamline Data Refinery. Combine and blend Melissa Data reference data along with big data in order to enhance analytics and improve business intelligence.

Melissa Data's Solution for Big Data Quality

Data Quality for Pentaho

Melissa Data delivers total quality to support the entire big data lifecycle - fully integrated with Pentaho. Available data transforms include:

Profile Component Icon Profiling


Contact Verify Component Icon Personator®


Global Verify Component Icon Global Verify


Contact Verify Component Icon Contact Verify


SmartMover for SSIS Component Icon SmartMover ®


Postal Presort Component Icon Postal Presort


MatchUp Component Icon MatchUp®


IP Location Component Icon IP Locator


Data Quality & Big Data


Data Quality & Big Data
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