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Case Studies

Penton Media logo

Penton Media

Penton Media increased ROI by 140% using tools from Melissa Data and Pentaho to clean, migrate, and consolidate their data.

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Altapass Foundation, Inc. logo

Altapass Foundation, Inc.

This nonprofit organization hosts many public activities, but its large contact database dated back more than 10 years. To verify, correct, and update their outdated member and donor information directly in Excel, the organization turned to Melissa Data’s Listware for Excel.

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APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc. logo

APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc.

APX utilizes GeoCoder Object and an address verification Web service to verify and correct its contact data – and better locate its customers – to alert law enforcement and emergency services quickly and efficiently.

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Cal Optima logo

Cal Optima

A health insurance provider needed to migrate its membership data into a data warehouse, but it had poor quality data. Enter the Data Quality Components for SSIS to fix the problem.

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Cass Inc. logo

Cass Inc.

Data mining firm had duplicate records in its database – so to eliminate duplicates from its system, the firm implemented MatchUp Object into its operations.

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City of Tempe, Arizona logo

City of Tempe

The City of Tempe sends thousands of mail pieces each week, so to ensure speedy and accurate delivery, it tapped Address Object to verify, correct and standardize its contact data.

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CJW Consulting & Services, Inc. (CJW) logo

CJW Consulting & Services, Inc. (CJW)

CJW utilizes NCOALink processing to update and verify its clients’ contact data for upcoming fundraising and marketing efforts.

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Clairvoyix logo


Clairvoyix relies on the Data Quality Suite and Email Append to deliver accurate and standardized customer information to its clients.

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Clarke Real Estate Group logo

Clarke Real Estate Group

The national real estate acquisitions and financing firm finds creative ways to thrive and drive in qualified leads by utilizing our free online Lookups.

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Connectify Networks logo

Connectify Networks

Connectify needed an address verification Web service that would correct bad contact data in its clients’ customer registration forms.

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Connectify Networks logo

Contact Zone

This article is a case study of a project involving pattern analysis of deliveries to specific locations, and demonstrates how Melissa Data’s Contact Zone was used in support of this analysis.

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Custom House Publishing logo

Custom House Publishing

The company runs their files through MAILERS+4® for CASS™ processing and barcoding in order to stay current with postal regulations.

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CXT Software logo

CXT Software

Logistics firm strengthens dispatch efficiency with GeoCoder Object, a rooftop geocoding solution.

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Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts. logo

Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts

To publicize its upcoming events, the theater sends marketing pieces to the 12,800 patrons on its mailing list. To ensure it can maintain contact with its patrons, the theater uses NCOALink to update addresses in its database.

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Equipment Data Associates (EDA) logo

Equipment Data Associates (EDA)

EDA provides market intelligence data to its clients. So the firm implemented MatchUp into its operations to identify and eliminate duplicate records from its database.

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Frito-Lay N.A. logo

Frito-Lay N.A.

Frito-Lay North America enlisted Melissa Data to help improve the accuracy of deliveries with GeoCoder.

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HealthLink Dimensions logo

HealthLink Dimensions

HealthLink needed to implement a solution – the Data Quality Components for SSIS –that would clean and standardize all of its multi-sourced, multidimensional data.

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Lithographic Communications logo

Lithographic Communications

Lithographic Communications relies on NCOALink to process its customers’ lists to update addresses and to eliminate undeliverable-as-addressed mail.

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Medusa Medical Technologies logo

Medusa Medical Technologies

Medusa Medical Technologies incorporated the Data Quality Suite to work in conjunction with its ePCR Suite, which feeds data to the suite’s Address Object Interface, where incomplete contact data is cleaned at point-of-entry.

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Metafile Information Systems, Inc. - ResultsPlus logo

New! Metafile Information Systems, Inc.

Metafile utilizes National-Change-of-Address (NCOALink®) processing from Melissa Data in its fundraising management software, ResultsPlus, to help its non-profit clients qualify for postal discounts.

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Northern Ontario School of Medicine logo

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

NOSM is able to cleanse and integrate data from about 30 distinct data source Systems – thanks to its use of the Data Quality Components for SSIS.

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PCI (Publishing Concepts)logo

PCI (Publishing Concepts)

PCI needed a data verification Web service to help scale its business operations, as in the past it would manually call its client’s contacts to update and verify their information – a very labor-intensive task.

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Pennsylvania Department of Banking logo

Pennsylvania Department of Banking

DOB signed up for the Address Object solution to verify and standardize its contact data and protect against fraud.

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Project Open Hand logo

Project Open Hand

The organization needed to update, validate and cleanse its client database with the address verification Web service in order to ensure prompt delivery of its prepared meals.

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Rockwells logo

Rockwells American Restaurant

The popular NY-based restaurant enlisted the help of Melissa Data’s Email Marketing Services to cut down on postage and paper costs by using email as a promotional tool.

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SMARTech Corp. logo

SMARTech Corp.

SMARTech needed to consolidate records across datasets to help its clients develop targeted, accurate mass communications strategies. Enter the Data Quality Components for SSIS.

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Symmetry Software logo

Symmetry Software

Symmetry needed an address verification solution that would verify, correct and standardize residence and business addresses in order to ensure address accuracy when determining the proper withholding tax settings.

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Equipment Data Associates (EDA) logo

Telephone Town Hall Meeting

To help its clients collect accurate phone numbers to maximize attendance and participation to its live teletownhalls – the company needed a quality data vendor with the ability to append missing phone numbers to a list.

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University of Iowa, College of Dentistry logo

University of Iowa, College of Dentistry

University’s dentistry school needed to rinse out bad data to brighten up its database. It was imperative for the university’s clinic to utilize the Data Quality Suite to verify and correct addresses in real-time.

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University of Washington (UW) logo

University of Washington (UW)

To address the issue of inaccurate data and ensure the consistency of the student and alumni records in the central database – the University of Washington (UW) turned to Melissa Data.

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