Data Governance

Data Governance: Managing & Consolidating Data Across the Enterprise

As database systems mature and the need to consolidate data continues to rise, the ability to manage the integrity and quality of data becomes a more complex task. Developing a data governance program is the most effective way to maintain and ensure the quality of your data – and help organizations make the right business decisions with trusted information.

What is Data Governance?
Data governance is a set of business processes that ensures an organization’s data assets are consistently managed across the enterprise. The data governance process includes assessing, managing, improving, monitoring, maintaining, and protecting an organization’s critical data assets. The goal is to achieve data quality by putting people in charge – usually a data steward – to fix and prevent issues with data.

The Benefits of Data Governance
A successful data governance program will help organizations:
• Increase operational efficiencies with more accurate, reliable data
• Meet regulatory compliance and reduce risk
• Improve profitability and fuel growth

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Data Governance

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