Data Integration

Data Integration: Melissa Data Helps You Take Control of Your Data

What is data integration? According to Information Management, data integration refers to an organization’s inventory of data and information assets, as well as the tools, strategies, and philosophies by which fragmented data assets are aligned to support business goals.

The process of data integration – which includes capturing, integrating, cleansing, and managing data across platforms to produce accurate, consistent results – is a requirement for enterprises today.

Data integration is critical, especially in cases where merging databases or legacy systems of consolidating companies or applications, is necessary to gain a more unified view of the company’s data assets.

With a more cohesive, accurate, and trusted view of their data, an organization is now armed with the ability to make better, strategic business decisions.

We Simplify Data Integration
Our prebuilt plugins for leading ETL and Data Integration platforms such as SQL Server® Integration Services (SSIS), Pentaho®, Scribe Software, Semarchy®, and Expressor, allow users to avoid the need to build the integration between their internal systems and Melissa Data services. This helps users quickly move beyond tactical data quality efforts to engage in a more complete strategy combining data quality, data governance, and master data management.

Data Integration

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