Extract, Transform, and Load

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Your Data

ETL is an acronym for extract, transform, and load – a critical process when data is loaded from a source system into a data warehouse.

Step 1 – Extract
Extracting data from different source systems is the first step in the ETL process. Most data warehousing projects involve consolidating data from different data sources.

Step 2 – Transform
The transform stage refers to a set of rules to transform the data from the derived source into the end target. This step also involves joining data from multiple sources, sorting data, generating surrogate-key values, turning multiple columns into multiple rows, and aggregating data.

Data cleansing can also occur during this step in the ETL process to ensure accurate data is loaded into the data warehouse. Some of the data cleaning tasks include:
Step 3 – Load
This last stage in the ETL process essentially loads the data into the end target (usually the data warehouse), according to Wikipedia.

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