Expert Online Training in SSIS

Improve Your Data Quality Knowledge and Skills with our On-Demand WebClinics

Looking to turn your contact data – a.k.a. people data – into insight and action? Learn how with our on-demand WebClinics! Our tutorials will go over the full spectrum of data quality in Microsoft® SQL Server® Integration Services (SSIS) – ranging from data profiling, data cleansing, verification, and enrichment – to demonstrating expert techniques on matching and consolidating data. Our SSIS experts will help you become a data quality guru!

End-to-End Contact Data Quality

A personal walkthrough of the data cleansing cycle and how to fulfill the ever-present needs of your database. Understand the benefits of data cleansing, and learn how the data quality cycle flows from end-to-end to maintain excellent contact data health.

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Identify Problems in Your Data with Profiling Tool

With a focus on data health and hygiene, our data quality expert Joseph Vertido mentors viewers on how to maintain your data’s accuracy and reliability by first identifying data issues via data profiling.

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Global Phone Verification & Email Mailbox Validation

Learn how our Global Phone Verification solution validates toll-free numbers and identifies numbers as cell, landline, VOIP, and if the number is a residence, business, or home office. Also, find out how to remove up to 95% of bad email addresses in your database with our Email Mailbox Verification solution. Get connected and stay connected.

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How to Use Survivorship to Consolidate Data

Got hard-to-detect duplicate records? Discover how to choose the winning “Golden Record” based on survivorship, which collapses duplicate entries into a single customer record.

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How to Refresh Old, Incomplete & Incorrect Contact Data

Data becomes stale because it’s always in flux. Reduce your losses and improve business communication when you refresh your contact database and maintain its health. See for yourself how our Personator solution transforms stagnant data with constant updates and enrichments.

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Performing Data-Driven Parsing

Problems and complications in parsing? Maintain the consistency of your database when you understand the difference between algorithmic and data-driven approaches. Improve your parsing accuracy and gain the benefit of a more complete contact record.

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Enrich Your Data, Improve Confidence & Prevent Fraud

Learn how Personator verifies and confirms that all contact data touch-points belong to a single customer. Feel confident that consumer purchases are valid and that the likelihood of fraud has been greatly reduced.

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