WebSmart Services (formerly Data Quality Web Services 2.0) Changes History

WebSmart GeoCoder(March, 2012)

GeoPoints are available now in GeoCoder web service. Instead of pointing to the street in front of the address property, can now point onto the address property itself.

WebSmart AddressCheck (February, 2011)

New Result Codes: A number of new Result codes are now available. Please reference the Address Verifier manual for these new Results codes and details for each.

• Fix country code handling: Address Verifier will now label an address as foreign is it has a legitimate country code that is not "US" or "CA". • Updated Congressional information: Now it will return the 112th congress information.


Name Web Service for DQWS Version 2 (February, 2011)

New Result Codes: Added new result codes to indicate if the first or last name was found in our database of actual census names. Please reference the Name Parser manual for more details.


WebSmart AddressCheck (October 11, 2010)

• By popular demand and the upcoming midterm Congressional Elections, we have added a new field called "CongressionalDisctrict" to the Output Properties of the Response. This element contains the 2-digit number indicating the congressional district of the input address.

*** Warnings: For users of the SOAP protocol, a few languages/toolkits may re-download and re-verify the WSDL with each request. The addition of a new element in the schema may cause some applications using these languages to stop working correctly. To remedy, recompile your application using the new WSDL, or more commonly, reference a local copy of the WSDL instead.


WebSmart AddressCheck (July 2010)

• AddressCheck is now using a new and improved Canadian Parsing Engine.

• Added 3 new fields to the Parsed Output Properties of the Response to allot for the new Canadian Parsing Engine improvements:

• RouteService
• LockBox
• DeliveryInstallation


WebSmart StreetSearch (July 2010)

• Added a new output field to the Street Search Response called “FullAddressLine”. The FullAddressLine property returns the complete full address line suggestion as opposed to individual parsed out components. For example:

With an input of:
31 mac, Santa Ana CA 92707

Street Search would give you a FullAddressLine record of:

WebSmart ZipSearch (July 2010)

• Added support for Canada in Zip Search functionality.

• The WebSmart Zip Search now has the capability to:

• Find Cities in a given Canadian Postal Code
• Find Postal Codes for a given Canadian City and State
• Find Cities in a given Canadian State

WebSmart Phone Verifier
(Released February 2010)

• The WebSmart Phone Verifier will verify the validity of a given phone number up to the 10 digit level and parses out its individual components: Area Code, Prefix, Suffix, and Extension. WebSmart PhoneCheck will also append additional information tied to a given phone number such as: City, County Information, Latitude, Longitude, and TimeZone. Additionally, the service also specifies if a phone number is a Cell, Land Line or VOIP, and if it is a Business, Residential or SOHO (Small Office or Home Office)
WebSmart Zip Search (Released February 2010)

• WebSmart ZipSearch allows you to search for:
•  Cities in a given Zip Code
• Zip Codes in a given City
•  City Names that match a specific pattern within a given state

WebSmart Street Search (Released December 2009)

•WebSmart StreetSearch matches a street name or just a partial street name against a ZIP Code or the City and State and returns any valid street names that match that pattern. This service is used primarily for generating street suggestions for addresses that were not verified by AddressCheck.

Added: Result Codes AS16 and AS17 (August 2009)

• Two new result codes have been added to Address Check (AS16 and AS17).

AS16 – Address is vacant. Address has been unoccupied for 90 days or more.

AS17 – Missing Alternate delivery. Individual address does not receive mail but delivery is made to an alternate address or has potential for delivery in the near future.

Added: Result Codes AS14 and AS15 (July 2009)

• Two new result codes have been added to Address Check (AS14 and AS15).

AS14 – Missing suite information was appended by Suite Link. Suite Link can append missing suite information to addresses based on the Company information provided.

AS15 – Missing suite information was appended by Suite Finder. Suite Finder can append missing suite information to addresses based on the person’s Last Name provided.

Added: Last Name Input for Address Check Suite Finder Functionality (July 2009)

• A new input property has been added to the Request Record Structure of the Address Check Web Service (<LastName>). Suite Finder is used for appending missing suite information tied to the input last names.

Email Web Service for DQWS Version 2 (Released June 2009)
• Email Web Service is used for verifying the Domain of an Email address and parse out its components.

Data Quality Web Service Version 2 (Released March 2008) -New Features
• DQWS Version 2 is the new and improved implementation of our Web Based Solutions.

• The Services for the new DQWS are now separated into each of its own interfaces. The following web services are currently available:

Name Web Service for DQWS Version 2 (Released June 2009)
• The Name Web Service allows you to create salutations, parse multiple names, and determine probable gender. It also improves the quality of your name database by detecting suspicious names like “Mickey Mouse”, standardize casing, and correct some first name misspellings.