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Building a Robust Business Case for High Quality Master
Data - An Information Difference White Paper

Projects addressing data quality or master data management frequently struggle to get approved by senior management, and only around 60% of such projects proceed with a proper business case - causing high rates of cancellation and failure.

This white paper explains the key elements for building a proper, quantified business case. It presents the measures that are favored by corporate finance departments, and helps develop a strong business case for data quality and MDM projects. A number of real-life examples with quantifiable benefits are also included.

Armed with the materials in this white paper, you will be in a good position to deliver a high quality business case for your data quality or MDM project!

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The Information Difference is an analyst firm focusing on Master Data Management (MDM). Its founders are pioneers who helped shape the MDM industry, with in-depth MDM global project experience.

Building A Robust Business Case For High Quality Master Data Whitepaper