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Saturation Mail: The Perfect Low-Cost Way to Reach More Customers

If you own a local business and are looking for an inexpensive way to increase sales, or plan to expand your business to a new market – you might want to consider doing a saturation mailing. This strategy enables you to target entire neighborhoods within a ZIP, city, radius or county with your direct mail message. Because saturation mailing makes it easier for the Postal Service to process – you reap the benefits by saving over 45 percent off the cost of Standard Mail. It’s an ideal way for your local business to deliver a targeted offer to your true customer base.

Download this white paper and learn how to:

• Increase brand recognition within a community
• Lower your cost per lead by as much as 70 percent
• Reach your most motivated and best prospects
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Saturation Mail: The Perfect Low-Cost Way to Reach More Customers

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